Monday, November 30, 2009

Weddy, Set, Go!

How often do we begin by apologizing for not posting often enough? Too many times...and today won't be different. So, here it is....Sorry. Ok, now let's move on!

This Saturday will mark the start of the "6 months until our wedding count down". I know you all have that marked on your calendars and have been anxiously awaiting it. Well, rest's almost here!

Hmm...what kind of updates do we have for you today? Well, I will be ordering the bridesmaids' dresses tomorrow, which is pretty exciting...mostly because I was actually able to convince 9 very different ladies that they'll "just love" this dress. I rock! (Now, fingers crossed that they actually will!) I will definitely be happy to have that crossed off the old wedding planning list.

We started our wedding registry...which is pretty fun but also difficult. Our house is not very big...and some of those "small" kitchen appliances just may end up being stored in Paul's closet. (Sorry Paul - ha!)

I've spent several evenings, playing songs on YouTube to try to get our list of wedding songs together. The scene usually plays out like this...

Paul: (while watching football) "Go, Go, Go....NOOOOOOOOOOOO..."
Kendra: "Hey you like this song?"
(song plays loudly over the sound of football announcers)
Paul: (leaning in to hear the announcers) "'s nice."
Kendra: "Ok, it's on the list."

I then proceed to add numerous boy-band, pop songs to the list. One of the 2 following things will happen as a result....

1) Paul will read this post and promptly ask me to remove these songs from the list
2) He won't and we'll walk down the aisle to something by N'sync, like maybe this....

Boy, you're in for a show!

Paul & I recently booked our trip to Jamaica for our friends Ryan & Stacy's wedding in January! We're very excited for Ryan & Stacy...and to have such a great excuse to hit the beaches during a MN winter!

I have 3 weeks of class left, 2 huge presentations and a final exam. BUT, after's wedding planning boot-camp. We've got to get the bulk of everything nailed down (tight!) so by the time I head into second semester, we're good as gold or at least solid as silver....we'll take what we can get.

The picture of us, above, is from Thanksgiving! (Thanks Dennis!)

Thanks for checking in!

PS: Hope you're ready...Paul's been practicing some pretty crazy dance moves lately...who knows what kind of choreographed routine he'll work up in the next 6 months? Just consider yourself warned. (He's going to love this post! - ha!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Wedding Party!

TWO posts in ONE day....what's going on!?!? Ha! I've been told by some disgruntled followers (my coworkers!) that we need to get better at updating the blog more we're working on it! You'd think that seeing me 5 out of 7 days a week would be enough....some people!!

So, let's talk's time to meet Our Wedding Party!

The Ladies...

Matrons of Honor:
Joleen (Kendra's sister)
Lynn (Kendra's sister)

Kara (Kendra's sister-in-law)
Megan (Paul's sister)
Gina (Kendra's cousin)
Sarah (Kendra's cousin)
Traci (Kendra's college friend & teammate)
Amber (Kendra & Paul's good friend)

Flower Girl(s):
Madison (Kendra's niece)
Baby M. (if a girl!)

Personal Attendants:
Natalie (Kendra's college friend & teammate)
Krista (Kendra's college friend & teammate)
Gretchen (Kendra's cousin)

The Men...

Best Man:
John (Paul's good friend)

Matt (Paul's good friend)
Pete (Paul's good friend)
Chuck (Paul's good friend)
Mark (Paul's brother-in-law)
Chris (Kendra's brother-in-law & Paul's good friend)
Jeff (Kendra's brother)
Eric (Kendra's brother)
Jesse (Kendra's brother-in-law)

Ring Bearers:
Joey (Paul's nephew)
Brady (Kendra's nephew)
Benjamin (Kendra's nephew)
Baby M. (if a boy!)

Kyle (Kendra's cousin)
Brian (Paul's cousin)

That's 29, counting Paul & I!! Sounds like the perfect wedding party to us!


Our house is (almost) done!!! I hate to say it's completely done because frankly, it seems as though it will NEVER be completely done! However, I can say confidently that this particular project is about 99% done! I've included some before & after pictures in this post! We're pretty proud! Seriously, sometimes I go outside just to sneak another peek of it - ha!

Thanks again to all of our friends & family who helped us get this massive project done!