Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everyone's back...

Backstreet, us, this blog, everyone really.

Sorry for the delay...but there's been a whole lotta fun goin' on around here! A couple weeks back, I went on a trip to Chicago for work and then ended up staying, meeting up with some friends and going to the New Kids on the Block & Backstreet Boys concert! (Did you just puke?)

The weekend was so fun for us girls AND I'm sure Paul appreciated having a weekend alone. Well, either that or he missed me dearly. I prefer the latter.

It was a GREAT concert and a really fun weekend.

I'm a Donnie fan!

NKOTBSB cd? A poster? Really? Yes, really.

Segway tour of Chicago - so much fun!

All of us girls at Kingston Mines, a really awesome Jazz club.

Chat soon,


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Movie Date Night

Last Saturday, we had Movie Date Night with our good friends, The Treds. As usual, it was a blast!

Here, Paul & Amber discuss their "book club" (NERDS!)
We tried out a new place - Rojo, a Mexican restaurant in the Shops at West End in St. Louis Park. It was really good! After dinner, we went to the movie "Bridesmaids" - HILARIOUS! Go see it!

After the movie, we walked over to the patio at Crave for dessert and...

...a nightcap!

" Cheers" to a great night!

Thanks Treds!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Week - Project #2

A new front fence!...only slightly more exciting than a new water heater, I know.

Sorry to disappoint, but the President of the Finance Committee (Paul) said we had to get some important (boring) projects taken care of before we could do any of the fun projects on my we're getting there. There's still a couple more mandatory projects yet to do, but if they are standing in the way of me and the fun projects...we should have them taken care of lickety-split!

We still need to stain the fence, and since the deck needs to be re-stained again this summer...I figured we could take care of it all at once. It looks 100 times better than the half-broken fence we had before. Glad that's done!

I promise, we'll have more fun projects to report back yet this summer...I hope!


This Week - Project #1

A new water heater - how exciting?!?!


But...nonetheless it was this week's first project. Never mind the fact that it took the guy 10 HOURS to install it (we won't get into that story).

Man, I just love boring projects.

More to come,


Monday, June 6, 2011

The Sweetest Day to be Married!

On May 29th, our good friends Ellen & Adam got hitched! They had a beautiful outdoor wedding at Centennial Lakes Park in Edina. (Thankfully, no rain!) It was short & sweet and as expected, perfectly put together!

Check out that dessert table!

Seriously? Amazing attention to details! Ellen is a designer and about as talented and creative as they come. (jealous!) She helped us create A LOT of stuff for our if you liked anything about our wedding...she probably had a hand in it!

Every table, was slightly different but equally cute!

Yep...she designed that!

Oh, and she made her hair clip and added the pink accents to her dress. She's spunky!

Thanks for inviting us, Ellen & Adam! It was a great way to start out the day...

That day, was also my parents' 40th wedding anniversary and my sister & brother-in-law's 12th wedding anniversary. Good work, people! Keep up the love!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Our 1st Anniversary!

It's hard to believe it went SO fast...but it was a really fun year for us!

To celebrate, we whipped out the top tier of our wedding cake - It had been in my parents' chest freezer for the last year! As good as the cake was on the day of our wedding, it's hard to imagine it could really be that good after a a FREEZER, but for the sake of tradition, we're going to cut into it tonight and give it a whirl! Wish us luck!
(I made a double batch of pumpkin devil's food cupcakes, just in case the cake was a flop!)

Since this weekend has been GORGEOUS...we spent yesterday at the Edina Art Fair, then had dinner at Capital Grille downtown. Today, we had breakfast at our favorite local greasy spoon and ended the day by grilling out on our deck. What a nice, relaxing weekend!

Here's to another great year of marriage!


When dancing on a your head.

Last weekend, I was able to get together with some college friends and celebrate Krista's upcoming nuptials. We celebrated in typical college fashion...on a party bus! Check out the was pretty cool!

(I still have a bump on my head from bonking it on the shelf when the bus driver took a crazy turn.)

Some of the fun ladies we celebrated with!

More fun ladies!

One came straight from work, one had a broken wrist (don't ask) and one was pregnant...yet fun was had by all!

Do some of these ladies look familiar? They should...2 were personal attendants and 1 was a bridesmaid at our wedding!

"Heart glasses girl" (below) is the guest of honor, Krista! She also insisted on wearing fake hill-billy teeth (as seen on the gal to her right, below) out to bars...she was a hit, per usual!
It was a blast and Paul & I look forward to celebrating again at their wedding next month!

Go wedding season,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Friends in Christ"

A couple of weeks ago, we were able to celebrate with our good friends, Matt & Amber. Their little guy, Graeme, was baptized and we were honored to be his godparents...or as we've dubbed it "Friends in Christ"! You see, we want to be those "cool" godparents that Graeme comes to when he needs advice or tips on fashion (ha!) we thought "Friends" would be cooler than "Parents"!! JK!

Graeme-Bo and Paul-o doing a little post-baptism snuggle session!
Graeme & his Friends in Christ!

The Tredinnick Family!

The deacon asked the moms to stand up for a special prayer...this pictures is adorable.

Amber is a great mom!

The happy family!

(that's Graeme's baptismal cloth...not tp!)

It was a fun day of celebrating and we look forward to watching Graeme grow up...but hopefully not too quickly!

We love you Graeme,