Friday, October 29, 2010

A little bit of landscaping.

Paul & I were interested in increasing the size of our yard...

so we rented an excavator and...

...demo'd the neighbor's house...


...maybe the city finally stepped in and knocked down the house next door that had suffered a fire over NINE MONTHS AGO!

Regardless of how it happened and/or who gets credit for it- we have a gaping hole next door...which, of course, leaves us wondering....

What's worse? A half burned down house or a gaping hole?

The only good part is that, indeed, progress is being made. We like progress. We are now, obviously, hoping that some super cool people decide to buy the lot, build a gorgeous house (but not more gorgeous that ours), put in a pool and maybe have us over every weekend in summer for pool parties, guacamole and margaritas....OR we could stop it at "super cool people" and we'd still be happy campers!

Paul & I are looking forward to handing out candy to our neighborhood trick or treaters again this year. We're hoping that last year we helped establish ourselves in the neighborhood's top 10 ranking of "The Coolest Houses to Stop At This Halloween"....if there is such a thing. I'm just assuming there is.

Following the advice of the Snicker's advertisements, we plan to have plenty on hand....

So creepy it's funny, right?

Hopefully we get to see all of our little stinkers (nieces and nephews) in their Halloween costumes this weekend too! If so, you can rest assured more pictures will be coming!

Trick or Treat,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goodbye Green. Hello Red.

Yesterday was Wednesday but sadly, our CSA deliveries are over for the year...sniff, sniff. No fresh vegetables waiting on the stoop. No crisp apples or juicy watermelons either. Now what?

Let's look back on the "good old days" (2 weeks ago or so) to the last delivery AND CSA Day At The Farm in Northfield!

Wagon ride with my niece, Madison & baby Mason!

Our nephew, Brady, shoveling corn!

"American Gothic" - Madison & Brady style!

The LAST CSA delivery for the year...

A sink full o' fun!
To end on a happier note...I just checked our stoop and a good friend (who works at a wine distributor) just dropped off a box full of bottles of RED wine!
What? Wine is made of fruit!
Stay healthy,

It's a bird, it's a plane...

It's Grandpa Dennis!

A couple weeks ago, we were able to watch Paul's dad as he went skydiving for the first time ever!
It was pretty cool to witness!

Good work, Dennis!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Yeah! More Pics!

Ok...that's all! More to come!