Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some girls just have all the moves...

Like this one...

Our niece, Madison, after her dance recital on Friday night.

(I love the way she's standing...diva!)

Madison and her Aunts and Grandma Westall!

Madison & Kerri!

Madison & Uncle Jeffrey
(with so much chaos after the show...I couldn't get Kerri, Jeff & Madison togther all at once for a photo...hence the separate ones!)

Madi & Uncle Chris & Auntie Lynn

Madison & Mom!

and...with Uncle Paul & Auntie.

(do you think she was sick of photos by this point?...yes!)

SO...I took another!

Notice the LONG curls, makeup and post-performance bouquet of flowers (not to mention those missing teeth!) I remember the days of dance recitals - My sisters and I always wanted to be the girls who got flowers afterward. So, Madison - you better savor those!

Madison did a great job at her recital - it was so fun to watch!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

God Bless Tyler James!

Last Sunday, we celebrated our nephew Ty's baptism. And it was a beautiful day to be baptized!

Ty and his fan club
I was honored to be one of Ty's godmothers!

Group shot amidst the chaos

Handsome boy!

All four babies baptized that day were such troopers - no tears at all! Ty even won the hearts of the crowd by offering up some BIG smiles to the pastor while up on the altar. He really is such a happy boy! It was a really fun day!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, Paul & I hosted Mother's Day at our house for the Rasmusson side of our family!

Yesterday, while in New Prague, we picked up some beef and pork burgers, along with some fun flavored brats and seasoning for today's grill-out.

Above: baked beans and Italian-seasoned potatoes.

The weather didn't turn out so nice, so Paul grilled the meat under the shelter of the garage and I cooked the sides indoors, safe from the rain.

Above: garlic yellow squash, onions and button mushrooms

Above: pita chips, hummus, potato chips, carrot sticks and ranch dip

I had hoped we could eat outside on the deck, but again the rain dampered our, I added a couple leaves to the table and we ate inside. Do the tablecloth and napkins look familiar? Well, they should!

They are the hankerchiefs we used as table decorations at our wedding! Paul's mom sewed some together to make a tablecloth and we kept some separate to serve as matching napkins!

Cute, huh?

Joey's place setting!

Joey & Ty enjoyed dinner and the playtime that followed!

2 Mothers and the children that earned them the title!

Happy Mother's Day!


1st Run of the Year!

Yesterday, my sister and I ran the New Prague 5K!

We've been running this race together for quite a few years and it continues to be a really fun day. It definitely helped that yesterday was GORGEOUS and we also got to play at the park and enjoy a petting zoo with some of our nieces & nephews afterward!

Paul & Dad, cheering on the runners!

Nana & Claire!

Claire-Bear, enjoying the swings!
I SWEAR she said "Auntie" several times yesterday! Yeah!
Cowboy Brady- giddy up!

Claire & Ben ridin' ponies!

Here is Ben, ready to run!

Ben, Brady & Madison (and Joleen, Lynn & Chris) also ran a race yesterday - The Kids' Fun Run (1/2 mile)! Many of their classmates ran the race too - so the kids had so much fun running and then signing their classmates t-shirts afterward! (I wish I could have gotten more pictures of Madison & Brady...but frankly posing for Auntie's pictures just doesn't rank high on the to-do list when your classmates are around and ready to play! (I completely understand!)

I also wish I would have gotten a photo of Brady sprinting toward the finish line...he was chomping his gum, glaring at his competition and determined to win! So competitive...I wonder where he gets that?!?!

Here's the Meyer Family finishing their 1/2 mile race.
I assume Claire will be joining next year too!

Lynn & I, post-race!

After the race, we were able to enjoy brunch with my Mom, Dad, Joleen, Madison, Brady and Uncle Jeffrey. It was such a fun day!

Today, we'll be hosting Mother's Day on the Rasmusson side. Let's hope the weather is just as gorgeous so we can enjoy another great day! More pics to come after today.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th be with you!

Get it?

(Oh, shoot...he appears 1 finger short....)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New 'do! new 'do!

That was quick - thanks Sandy!

-K, again!

Monday, May 2, 2011

We've been (car)toon'd...

Remember at our wedding, how we had those custom coloring sheets for the kids that had illustrated pics of Paul & I on them?

Does this pic jog your memory? Well, I was e-mailing with my superbly-talented friend, Sandy, who illustrated those sheets and (being the dork that I am) asked if she'd send me Paul & my illustrations as, she did!

Paul, looking happy and...a bit older!

Me, looking a bit blonder and sorta like Lindsay Lohan (minus the trainwreck)!

I thanked Sandy and then reminded her that I now have brown, short hair and requested an updated pic...which she agreed to make. Man, I love her! Sandy lovingly refers to me as her 2nd favorite brat (her 1st being her daughter, Hannah!)

Anyway...thought you might like to see us toon'd! I guess you could say I'd look for any excuse to avoid writing my next final paper (due Wednesday)!! Alright, back to work for me!

Happy 2nd day of May!