Saturday, April 30, 2011

CAUTION: It's finals time in our house....

That's right. I've got 2 weeks of this semester left which means that I've spent more days tired and crabby than fresh-faced and "enjoyable"...poor Paul!

This morning, I'm at a local coffee shop enjoying obscenely large, fancy (read: fattening) coffee drinks and not enjoying writing a 5 page final paper on Business Ethics.

Actually I shouldn't's a great class with an awesome's just that I'd much rather be sleeping in (what Paul got to do today...lucky!) than thinking this hard on a Saturday morning!

Coffee Break #1: Sugar-free caramel latte with soy milk (I get the sugar-free syrup to fool myself into thinking this is a "healthy alternative".)

The ONLY good news is that I LOVE spending a weekend morning in a coffee shop, drinking fun lattes and coffee concoctions. So, this is how I "trick" myself into doing homework! " can go get a bunch of fun coffees tomorrow....but, you also have to do homework!" I'm such a SUCKER! IS raining really, I'm not missing out on a really fun, gorgeous I'll just keep slugging back cups o' joe and thinking. (which, by the way, is indeed overated...)

Coffee Break #2: Miel (espresso, steamed soy milk, honey & cinnamon) - Delish!

Hope you get to enjoy this rainy day in your pj's, watching cooking shows with a big cup of coffee.
-Just K

PS: You're probably wondering just how hard I'm working on this final paper...since well, I'm blogging! BUT, this was my quick 5 minute break...lay off! haha!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Did anyone else notice...

...that this is my 14th blog post this month? What? 14? That's a record, people!

Someone has been quite the blabber-mouth lately. Well, what did you expect?!?

So, in class (Social Media Marketing) we've been learning about "post trees", as in a blog post schedule that details what you'll write about/discuss in your it's like putting together a regular content schedule. A sample post tree would look something like this:

Sunday: Discuss physics
Monday: Post photos of Paul's baseball card collection
Tuesday: Try to explain mathematical equations in a foreign language
Wednesday: Post YouTube clips of cats falling out of trees
Thursday: Write a gruesomely personal story about our friends & family
Friday: Recount kitchen horror stories of recipes gone bad
Saturday: Day Off

Obviously, this is a pretty "interesting" sample post tree, but you get the idea. Should I be doing this? Are you guys looking for some consistency from us? Are we boring you with the normal details of our lives that we usually post? (probably...)

Paul & I have toyed with some real topics that we could discuss (with some level of knowledge/interest)....
- Paul could write a weekly post called "Better Off Read" where he'd review a book he's reading. (He does a lot of reading!...and I love nerds!)
- I could write a weekly post called "What's in a name?" where I'd post names...of people or businesses and then analyze them. If you don't already know this about me. I am a self-proclaimed "nameologist". I consider myself a baby/pet/business naming expert. I could also use this post to share clever word plays or punny business names (i.e. Curry in a Hurry). Believe it or not but these are the thoughts that stream through my head on a day-to-day basis....don't even ask about my idea to start a restaurant overlooking a lake that would be called "Czech on a Deck".
- Paul could also write a weekly sports related post where he'd discuss his perspective on teams, athletes, the ups and downs of fantasy sports, etc. (you wouldn't have to read on these days, if you don't want too - ha! Just Kidding, Paul!)
- I could also write a weekly post on a new recipe to try (if I ever decide to start following them) OR a vacation idea OR a home renovation/project we're working on...These are some of my most favorite topics!

Would this be fun to read? Or is the current flow just fine?

If you don't reply, we'll follow the first "sample" post tree I wrote above...get your pocket protectors ready cuz come next's physics, baby! (kidding...I'm no good at physics!)


Monday, April 25, 2011

Hallelujah & Happy Birthday!

Happy (belated) Easter, Everyone!

Yesterday was double-y exciting for our family as we celebreated both Easter (Hallelujah!) and Florence's birthday (Happy Birthday!) I tried to convince Paul to help me make iron-on shirts that said "Hallelujah & Happy Birthday!" but he wasn't that into it....hmph.

The Easter bunny didn't come to our house BUT he did come to Dennis & Florence's house, where he left gifts for us - SCORE!
Baby Ty donned his bunny ears to help celebrate the day!

The Birthday Girl & Baby Ty looking cute (as always)!

Hope you enjoyed the special weekend and perhaps ate one too many cadbury eggs..."bawk!"


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You've been Flash Mobbed!

A couple weeks ago, I was in Chicago for work...we were attending an annual show for our of the biggest!

Anyway, per usual, we hosted a Friday night party for all of our customers. This year, it was a dance party held at the historic Chicago Theater!

Little did any of us (well...except for maybe 2-3 people) know that we'd be flash mobbed that night!

Our company hired a group of professional dancers to intersperse with the crowd and then randomly break into a choreographed dance routine. It was awesome!

I have seen many YouTube clips of Flash Mobs around the world and I've ALWAYS wanted to witness one....well, on April 8th, 2011 that dream came true (overly dramatic, I know!) The only thing I'd change? Well, obviously next time I'd like to be a part of the flash cool would that be?!?!'s the clip and at the very beginning, you can see me! I'm in the back, working the door. I'm wearing a purple shirt and in standard Kendra-fashion, my arms are crossed...that's how you know I mean business....(party business!)


-Just K

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Congrats Mason!

Today, my cousin's little boy, Mason, was baptized...and Paul & I were extremely honored to be his godparents!

Congrats Mason!

Of course, Godfather Paul HAD to get him his first Minnesota Twin's outfit to help celebrate this special occasion!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh, great...

So, the other day I stumbled across another blog called "Better Off Wed". I was instantly intrigued so I read on.... Well, let's just say that I won't be sharing the URL with you because well, she's a better writer than me... And well...I don't want to lose all of you to her. So, I'm not only the second best "Better Off Wed" blogger in the blogospere BUT now I have a major complex. AND...the kicker? Her first name is ALMOST identical to mine. In fact, her name is one of my nicknames. Hmph. (insert compliments here. jk!) -just K

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pierogi Party!

Last Saturday night, we helped celebrate our friend's 30th birthday via dinner and polka dancing at Nye's Polanaise Room in Nordeast.

A sampling of the delicious meals at our table. Yum!

This reminds me of Paul's idea on a clever name for a German Rock Band..."Krauted Haus". And you wonder why we get along so well?!?! ha!

Anyway...the night was wonderful...good food, great company and polka music. Who could ask for more?


And the honeymoon continues...

I got home tonight from a 5 day business trip to Chicago...

and saw this on the kitchen table when I walked in:

The card says "Thank You" on the front. Apparently it was the only card he could find in the closet but I'll give him 10 gold stars for being resourceful as his copy on the inside played in nicely with it....

Front: Thank You!

Inside: ....for coming home. I missed you!

Good work, Paulo! I'm glad to be home!


Pizza Date Night!

Last weekend we were invited to Pizza Date Night with Jeff & Kerri!

Apparently no one ever told the boys that plastic produce bags don't make good accessories. Trying to toss the pizza dough in the air. The finished product! The post-its were Jeff's idea...dropping the camera in the pizza was Kerri's idea! Kendra is spelled with a "Ch" in southern MN. Paul is a rapper in southern MN. Only YOU can prevent oven fires.
Behind the scenes...Kerri's pizza heads off to the oven.
Jeff's is ready too!
Adding their fixins.
Mine is the one on the right that looks like a salad.

Not only was this super fun and delicous BUT we were sent home with parting gifts....2 more homemade pizzas to toss in the freezer for another time. "Another time" happened the following evening when we had friends over....more on that in my next post "Pierogi Party!".


Uncle Jeffrey's Surprise Party!

Mid-March, we surprised my brother Jeff with a BIG surprise birthday party! It was so much fun!

Putting on his "Birthday Boy" pin! The Vosejpkas
Crazy Brad, Kerri & Paulo
Sometimes sisters do odd things together!
The place was packed.

The spread.
Pretty ladies!

Brothers don't shake hands. Brothers gotta hug!

Fun cousins! Man of the night with Nana & Papa!

Too much fun! I can't wait until you guys throw my suprise birthday party (hint, hint). KIDDING!


Honeymoon Stop 6: St. Maarten

St. Maarten ended up being one of our most favorite stops! The water was so clear and the sand so white. Oh, and so much more...

A really cute oceanside restaurant where we stopped for a bit.
Trying to be artsy.
Love the canopies over each table.
There was tons of shopping and the streets were so quaint and colorful!
I was battling a burnt scalp...hence the headband and oversized straw hat in previous posts.
Wish we could go back! Did I mention we also visited (not partook) a nude beach. Walk fast, don't look down or up!

Well, that's it - our honeymoon in a nutshell! We had such a great time! K+P

Honeymoon Stop 5: St. Kitts

We were camera happy again...this time in St. Kitts.

Bus tour...looking at Mt. Liamuiga...a dormant volcano. El Caribe. Open air bus tour...really fun!

St. Kitts Botanical Garden.
Atlantic Ocean on the left. Caribbean Sea on the right. Newlywed couple in the middle.
More botanical gardens.
The rainforest.
This photo is for my nephew Ben...old tractor in the front, Auntie Paul to the side and a cow in the background...his favorites!
Nice stretch!
More bus tour.
It was awesome to see all these tiny homes with beautiful ocean/sea views!

1 more stop to go!


Honeymoon Stop 4: St. Lucia

Before we jump into St. Lucia...I must add that I was able to get 1 karaoke song in while on the ship...with my new friend, Jenny, from St. Francis, MN! (small world!)

Singing Taylor Swift...odd, I know. Farmer's market downtown. Mountainous terrain. Our ship!

Paul, before we got back on the ship. He wasn't feeling very good (had nothing to do with all the cocktails in Barbados!) so our time in St. Lucia was cut short.

That's vacation...sleep when you're tired, eat when you're hungry, drink when you're thirsty.

Next stop? #5.