Monday, August 30, 2010

Where to start?!?!'s been a while since our last post but that's because there's been so many exciting things going on!

Any day now there should be new babies arriving all around family, and friends and we cannot wait!

ALSO - we found out that we have another niece or nephew on the way! Not only are Eric & Kara (my brother & sister-in-law) expectinng a baby boy in January BUT Megan & Mark (Paul's sister and her husband) are also February! We're so excited! Joey told us about the news via his shirt that read "BIG BROTHER" a couple weekends ago while grilling out at our house. The pics here are from that fun day! (PS: We tried the grilled green bean recipe out that day and it was AWESOME!)

Paul & I spent the last 5 days in Seattle with friends....twins games, seafood chowder, local beers, and LOTS of walking. More updates and photos on that to come!

Wishing everyone a relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bean there, done that...

Thanks to my uncle I got a HUGE bag of fresh garden green beans. I spent tonight snapping beans and sipping wine (really snapping beans wouldn't be nearly as fun without a little wine!)

I was able to snap, clean, blanch and freeze a HUGE freezer bag of beans (perhaps for some chilly winter night) AND I saved some to use on Saturday for Paul's Dad's birthday party (DECK party). I found this recipe for green beans on the grill. I, of course, don't intend to follow it...but it's nice to know it can be done (I hope it turns out....fingers crossed!)

While I was at it, I also dug into cleaning and chopping our weekly CSA delivery.
CSA= Community Supported Agriculture
Our delivery comes from Bridgewater Produce Farm in Northfield. The farm is owned & operated by one of my Mom's best friends from High School and her family. I SO look forward to our Wednesday delivery of fresh produce! Paul isn't nearly as exited as I am....mostly because it turns out our CSA doesn't deliver licorice OR potato chips....Say What?!?! (tehe!)
If you know me, I hate wasting....I will chippity chop up EVERYTHING we receive and if it ends up being far too much for just a pair of newlyweds, well then I make a BIG vat of soup and hand it off to other suckers...errr...I mean friends! These friends could easily be dumping it all in the trash as soon as I walk away, BUT at least I don't have to do it...I just couldn't "stomach" that!

This week's delivery included tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, cucumbers, a cantaloupe, cabbage, and some broccoli. I'm looking forward to using the tomatoes & onions on our burgers this weekend and the broccoli in a pasta salad I plan to invent tomorrow night!

If all (or anything) turns out - I'll try to snap some photos to share! With the raging heat, I just might need to add a pitcher of sangria to the menu too!

Stay cool (yeah, yeah...I know, you will!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What the deck?!?! - Part DONE!

It's done....well, I mean we still need to stain/seal it and finish the landscaping...but beside that, IT'S DONE!
We love it!
Side Note: I've been to Menard's probably 10 times in the last week....there's a worker there who thinks my name is "Lindsey" and everytime she sees me in the store she says "Back again, Lindsey?"....I never correct's kinda fun!

Monday, August 2, 2010

What the deck?!?! - Part 3

I should have known better. Whenever I say "we should be done tomorrow"....we end up needing just one more day! Well, it happened again. No fault to anyone - We worked hard on Monday night, but there were just a couple things we needed to leave to finish up another day.
So, here I go again "we should be done tomorrow"...
As far as these pics show - the deck is done, but we still have a couple finishing touches to take care of and then we're set!

Tonight was National Night Out and our neighborhood had a block party planned. I was able to get out of class early enough to swing by right before it ended. I met a couple of neighbors who were SO nice and they made mention to the fact that they see we're "always working on something" and that our house had seen more improvements in the year and a half that we'd owned it than it had in all its years past! That was fun to hear! I think sometimes we focus on all the projects we have yet to do and forget to spend a little time enjoying all the hard work we've already done.

There's always more projects....never enough deck parties! This weekend, we'll celebrate a job well done on our new deck! Thanks again to Brad & Jeff for all of their help!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What the deck?!?! - Part 2

The deck is framed! Pending the inspections go well, we should be able to finish it up tomorrow!

Here it is, as of this evening..

It's so close! Stay tuned for the final pics!