Monday, August 29, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 30

Oh, what? Did you miss the last 10 blog posts? Oh. Yeah. They're there...just keep looking...

This is what I'm changing today to make my life better...

I will no longer be doing 30 day blog challenges, for several reasons:

1. I don't really like being told what to do...or what to blog about

2. 30 days in a row is a really big commitment

3. You guys miss my personalized blog posts...right?

I thought a blog challenge would be great...but it became stressful. So, I quit. I hope you're ok with that.

(Sorry, Bri ! I tried. Though, you're still on Day I think we might be on the same page here!)

Things will start getting back to normal around here (or as normal as they ever were).



Sunday, August 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 19

Worst job I've ever had...

Oh, I could find something good and something bad in every place I've worked. And with a list as long as mine, let's not even get into it, right?

I just asked Paul which job was his worst and he couldn't even remember.

Maybe that's a good sign that we're content in our current jobs? OR a bad sign that we're losing our memory?

Either way...this was a lame post...again. Sorry!


30 Day Challenge: Day 18

Today I am wearing...

Oh. I picked a bad day for this one. It's the weekend, so I'm in my typical weekend pants, flippy-floppies and a tank top.

Sorry to disappoint.

If its any consolation, my underwear are pink. That's kinda exciting...right?


30 Day Challenge: Day 17

Funny Travel Story

Hmmm...well, one of my favorite funny travel stories stars my better half.

As you may recall, Paul & I honeymooned in Puerto Rico and the Southern Caribbean. Well, on our cruise ship, there was a dance club. I wanted to go to the dance club EVERY night, but Paul did not. He did however concede a couple nights and we danced the night away. One particular night, Paul was feelin' it. He was busy struttin' his stuff on the dance floor when I looked up to notice that a fan club had formed around him. 10, maybe 12 people (a mixture of guys and girls) were crowded around cheering Paul on. When Paul noticed, things only got more intense. He whipped out every MTV music video dance move he had ever seen.

If you've never seen Paul dance, let me clue you in...He gives it his ALL! What he lacks in skill, he makes up for in heart. AND...apparently his fan club could feel "his passion".

It. Was. Awesome.

I was dancing right next to him laughing my butt off. That night, I was upstaged....100%.

I couldn't have been prouder.


30 Day Challenge: Day 16

Weeeelllll, we just got back from a week-long trip to Ibiza.

Just kidding...I just took the week off, but I'm back at it today!

Cash, Credit or Debit? What's your financial status?

Well, this is a little personal, don't you think? But, you know me!

Overall, we're cash and debit type folk. We use our credit cards only for large purchases (flights, hotels, concert tickets, etc.) where we can rack up some major miles or dollars. We only use credit cards that allow us to earn miles or dollars for our purchases and then we proceed to pay off our monthly balance EVERY month. We kinda feel like we're tricking the bank each up, suckers!

We aren't huge shoppers or overly-materialistic people. We don't much care what brand of clothes we buy and we're not afraid to wear second-hand items. We choose to spend our fun money on experiences...dining, movies, shows, concerts, trips rather than things like designer shoes or fancy cars.

We live a "work hard, play hard" lifestyle and feel we fully deserve to enjoy this life of ours! Thankfully, we aren't too short-sighted. We talk about retirement a lot and how we want to retire early and travel (more!) so we try to remember the future now as we continue to save each month. We need to find ourselves a financial advisor, as we fully know we don't know everything when it comes to planning, investing, saving for the future so we're on the look-out for one now.

Overall, I'd say that we take turns playing the role of "voice of reason" when it comes to spending. I would say, however, that Mr. Rasmusson is the President of the Finance Committee...which is a role I'm happy to have him fill.

Happy (smart) spending,


Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 15

What's your addiction?

I can't say...

Just kidding. I'm innocent. My main addiction is probably coffee. We grind the beans nightly for a fresh pot of coffee daily! I drink 1 cup prior to the 4am workout, 1 after it and then I pour myself a 2-cup travel mug for the road. I don't drink the coffee at work (because it tastes weird) so instead I fill my mug with tea when I get to work....and then sometimes fill it again.

(Yes, that's A LOT of liquid. And yes, I visit the restroom often in the mornings. I know you were wondering.)

Every Friday, I swing through Caribou Coffee (my favorite) and get a Tea Latte. I used to get a Northern Light Latte but switch over to the Tea Lattes because they are amazing.

I'm not opposed to coffee with dessert or coffee during class or coffee at any other random time during the day. I love coffee.

My mother also loves coffee. "I learned it by watching you, Mom."


30 Day Challenge: Day 14

Thoughts on my body image...

Well, I'm starting on week 7 (of 12) of P90X and so far I've lost a whopping 0 pounds and feel a whopping 0% more, my thoughts right now are "WTF?"

If you haven't heard of P90X, it's essentially a slew of dvd's (yoga, kick boxing, weightlifting, cardio, plyos, etc.) that you're supposed to rotate daily (6-7 days a week) for 12 weeks. According to the YouTube testimonials (go watch them) I should look like an aerobics instructor (minus the sweatbands) by the end of week 12. Being as though I'm now over halfway through with no changes, I'm going to holler "Phooey!" on this one.

OR...maybe something is supposed to magically happen on the last day??? I won't hold my breath.

Aside from that, my thoughts on my body image are "ho-hum". As in boring...routine. I'm confident that its something I'll spend my life working (not obsessing) on. I'm an eater. I enjoy cooking. Those 2 things probably won't change.

I'd consider myself athletic. I like to move (it, move it). My "perfect body" (for myself) is athletic with a little muscle. I have no desire to be stick-thin. That's not realistic (for me), healthy or attractive (in my opinion).

I think there's something to be said about being able to pull your own weight (literally) and knowing that I can take care of things on my own. It's true. I don't have Paul around to carry heavy things for me. I have him around because I like him...and he does my laundry!

Needless to say, I could stand to lose a few...or maybe my scale is broken?


Sunday, August 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 13

Favorite Photo of Yourself...

Ummm...maybe this one? It's a photo of me at the very end of our wedding day. I'm a little glisten-y, a little tired and a lotta happy. On this day, I loved my hair, my dress(es) and was just plain happy.

Yep, I think this will be my favorite...for now!



Friday, August 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 12

I should really get rid of...

That pair of J. Crew jeans from high school. They were tight in high school. They are more tight now. By the time they fit again, they will no longer be in fashion.

It's over. Period.

But...I'm still keeping 'em.

Don't judge,


Thursday, August 4, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 11

Guilty Pleasures

Uh oh. Here's a good way to lose some followers....

Ok, here they are in the form of a Top 5 Listing.

5. Awkward Family Photos. (I think I know a lot of these people...seriously.)

4. Eating entire bags of (cooked) frozen peas. (Is that normal?)

3. Hip-hop music (It brings me back to my college days...leave me alone.)

2. $6 bottles of wine (I'm no fancy-pants!)

1. Crazy, human-interest TV shows, i.e. TLC's Hoarders and Sisterwives and Bravo's Real Housewives of (insert name of city here). (In comparison, EVERYTHING else looks normal!)

And, here's Paul's Guilty Pleasure du Jour:

Reeses Pieces. He. Loves. Them.

Is it Friday yet?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

What do you love most about yourself?

Oh boy! If my sisters saw this blog title, they'd have plenty to say.

"Oh, will you only choose 1 thing?" or "This oughta be a LONG post." Sisters....

Yes, I do fill the self-absorbed baby sister role...but I'm pretty sure that's my job!

On with the challenge, so here it is...the trait that I like most about myself:

I'm obliviously ambitious.

Completely unaware that there are things in the world that I can't accomplish

...if I REALLY want to.

Call me dumb. Crazy. Immature. It's just the way I am and I guess I'm alright with it!

Well, I'm off to become President...jk!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

Which lesson did you learn the hard way?

Call me a copycat, but this post is also about my Mom. Bri, we'll say your cute post on your mom was inspiration!

My mom and I don't talk everyday. In fact, she hardly ever calls me. She says "You're an adult. You have your own life. I don't need to bother you. You'll call me when you want to."


But, she's right. I do call her when I need her or just plain want to talk to her. There was a time when I thought that my mom held the reigns a bit too tight. She'd call or text (in my opinion) just a tinge too often. Mothers...

I'm not sure who changed, me or her, but the day she decided to loosen the reigns was the day I wanted her to tighten them up again.

If she was trying to prove a point, she did.

Because we don't talk everyday, I SO look forward to chatting with her and telling her about my latest shenanigans. I've also found that talking to her less makes me love our family get togethers even more. We simply don't shut up when we're together. This reminds me of why my dad says he's a quiet man..."Well, someone has to listen." ha!

To sum this up: My late-learned-lesson is that at 27 1/2 years old (am I still young enough to use half years?) I now know that my mom simply gets better as I get older.

Overall, Paul & I are lucky folks with great parents! We're thankful they've allowed us the freedom to establish our own little family but happy they still want to be a part of it!

Thanks 'rents!


Monday, August 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 8

Your 3 favorite blogs...

Oh, I love blog-readin'! And I definitely have more than 3 favorite blogs BUT here are my 3 order:

Yep, these pretty much sum up my interests....home renovations, babies, and frugality! Plus I secretly want to be a hippie and SouleMama and FrugalBabe have just enough hippie-ness to keep me coming back for more! Great blogs, in my opinion!

Happy Reading,


30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Last thing you took a picture of...

Again, this one is on the kiddos! Friday was Ben's 3rd Birthday, so Paul & I had special plans to make his day wonderful. We headed over to Choo Choo Bob's Train Store in St. Paul.

Ben is a train-lover! He came prepared, sporting his Choo Choo Bob's shirt and a big grin!

As it turns out, Claire also liked the trains AND this miniature sized bench, that she performed some heart-attack-causing-acrobatics on!This place really is cool. Check out all of those play tables filled with trains! door is Izzy's homemade ice cream! After a little cool-off there, we hit the Como Park Zoo. Let's just say we all slept well that night!

Choo Choo,


30 Day Challenge: Day 6

Today was hilarious because...

Since I'm already playing by my own rules, I decided I'd change this to:

Yesterday was hilarious because...

We had our niece & nephew (Ben & Claire) Friday at around noon until yesterday late afternoon. We love spending time with any of our 9 nieces and nephews (yes, 9!) but it's really fun when we get them to ourselves (we're not great sharers).

As you know, kids make most things hilarious (and sticky) but if I had to choose 1 hilarious moment from yesterday it would be coming to you courtesy of 3 year old Benny.

Scene: Driving in my sister's mini van, childrens' music blaring - "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt...".

Ben: "Auntie. I work in Minneapolis."

Me: "Oh yeah? Where's that?"

Ben: "It's one of the Twin Cities."

Me: "Oh cool. Uncle Paul works there too. You should meet him for lunch."

Ben: "Ok. I work with him."

Me: "Who? Uncle Paul?"

Ben: "No. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt."*

Seriously. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Love 'em!


*I did google his name and it is, indeed, 4 separate names...who knew? Probably Ben.

30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Goal to complete before September 1st

Hmmmm...that's soon. Ok, there's no shortage of goals/to-do's on our, I'd say our yard.

We started some yard renovation-type efforts last year and haven't really wrapped them up yet. So, I would love it if we could remove the gross wooden terraces from our back yard, re-grade the soil and seed it for grass. THEN, finish up the landscaping around the house and garage. For the sake of timing, I'm going to stick with the terrrace removal and reseeding as the goal to accomplish before September 1st. I'll post pics'll agree that they are gross.

Yikes. Better get going,