Thursday, March 24, 2011

Honeymoon Stop 1: Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico - 3 days, 2 nights, much fun... Look out! The BEST place for Sunday brunch! View from La Fortaleza. View of the cruise ship port during happy hour(s)! Streets set up and blocked off for a corporate event...I wanted to crash it, but we didn't. Loved the architecture. Paul havin' a ball....a cannon ball, that is. LOVE this one! The "original" pina colada at Barrachina. On top of La Fortaleza. View while on a walk around Old San Juan. Paul & a Chuleta Kan-Kan (HUGE deep fried pork chop) at Raices! On to Stop #2... K+P

Aaaand we're back...

...but we wish we were still here: La Terraza Hotel in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico!

THIS is the apartment where we stayed in Puerto Rico!

Isn't it AMAZING?

We considered staying FOREVER!

What a view?!?!
Seriously - it was so wonderful! We plan to go back and if you're ever headed to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico - I recommend you stay here too!
Now...on to more honeymoon posts!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hey, where'd everyone go?

...on our honeymoon! BUT, we're back now!

We have MANY photos annd updates to share about our trip...but how about we wait for that until after mid-terms are done this week, ok?

In the meantime, study this map of some of the places we visited (or at least pretend to.)

Next week is SPRING BREAK for me (which isn't nearly as fun since I still have to go to work)!

Paul informed me tonight that he's joined a 3rd (that's right...1,2,3.) fantasy baseball league. Mmm thoughts exactly. That's going to triple the amount of time he usually spends ticked off and sulking. Boy, this oughta be fun for me, huh?

Anyway...more updates & pictures to come! We had such a great time! I vote for a honeymoon EVERY year!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is pAUL?

Have you seen any previews for this new movie coming out?

It's called "pAUL" and it's about an alien...coincident? I think not...(it all makes sense now!)

We just bought a Groupon for BOGO (buy one, get one) tickets to the ICON theater near our house...sounds like we're headed for a date night soon...hopefully one that's out of this world....(too much?)

-K & pAUL