Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Too few cooks in the kitchen...

It's true. At our house, I cook...and no one else. I like to think that Paul leaves the cooking to me because I'm so good at it...but those of you who know me know that I don't follow recipes and as a result can sometimes end up putting an "interesting" dinner on the table.

Exhibit A: Homemade Lara Bars
Delicious store bought version

Crumbly, Ok-tasting homemade version
Sadly, store bought version won this battle.

Exhibit B: Eggplant quiche-like-lasagna-ish-bake
...obviously topped with oodles of cheese! This was only "okay". I am the only one in the house who would eat it and obviously, it seemed to last forever! (to be honest, I mostly picked it apart and ate the ricotta/sauce mixture and ditched the eggplant.) It looks WAY better than it tasted...unfortunately!
Exhibit C: The beginning of a Curry Vegetable Soup
Sorry, forgot to take "after" pics of this....but I've been eating it everyday for lunch. It was "just ok" so I bought a container of curry flavored sauce and added it...the final result was much better after that. (This is what I do when the CSA vegetables start coming in faster than we can consume them....voila! Garbage Disposal Soup!
After reading this blog, you're probably wondering WHY Paul doesn't cook more often....yeah, me too!
(Obviously, I throw in a few yummy dishes here and there too...just to keep him guessing!)
Catch ya later!

Friday, September 24, 2010

So, did that garage ever get finished or what?!?!

Oh! Why, yes it did. (I just forgot to tell you...sorry!)

It's done! We love it...same reliable shelter for our cars but with a whole new, sleek look. All the other garages in the neighborhood are now jealous.

We're done with projects for this year. Well, that's not true....I might tackle putting new bed skirts on the beds this weekend. Does that count?!?!

Paul & I had a very sporty week! We spent Sunday afternoon at the Vikings game. I don't remember who we played....I go for the beer....I mean ambience! Either way, we lost...but it was really fun...I think. (KIDDING!) Tuesday night, we went to the Twins vs.....(why do I even try?) game. It was an awesome game because we won! AND our win sealed the deal....We are now 1st in our division....or is it conference? Ok, that's enough about sports.** Let's talk about babies...

We have new baby boys all around us....congrats to our friends & family who brought them home. A bunch of heartbreakers, I tell ya!

This weekend, I'm running the "Women Run the Twin Cities 10 Mile" which scares the $&%! out of me. You see, most people would train for a race like this. I did.....last night. I don't think it ever hit me when I registered that the race day would actually come. Oh, it finally HIT me about yesterday, so I hit the gym last night to do a "quick training session". I ran 5 miles last night....which is still 5 miles less than what I've voluntarily signed up to run in 2 short days. I'm a bonehead, but I WILL do it. Paul is coming (and bringing a medic kit!) so we'll see how that goes...
Tomorrow starts the Rasmusson Family Birthday Streak. Paul's sister Megan has a birthday tomorrow....shortly followed by Mr. Joey....then it just continues right on through November! This year, Paul & I will be celebrating our "3 From 30" birthdays. Paul turns 33 and shortly after I turn 27. Yes, we think we're clever.
What about all that rain?!?! Sheesh! Hope everyone is staying afloat!'s date night, so I better go get ready for my hot, where did I put my flannel pants and oversized t-shirt?!?!
**I feel I must rationalize my lacking sports knowledge. I am a jock. I really am. I've played sports for as long as I can remember....softball, basketball, track, volleyball, you name it. I even played basketball all through college. I like to PLAY sports. I don't like watching sports on tv. I don't follow sports teams (much to my husband's chagrin) BUT I do like to go to sports games....just don't expect me to know what the final score was OR obviously, who we played. Despite all of this...I do love my husband...and if he loves sports...then gosh darnit, so do I!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oops, we did it again...

We're starting another project!

This weekend, we're tackling the garage and below are the plans - we're adding another floor, a grand stair case, a living room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. See?

Ok - I'm kidding...we're re-siding, adding a new side door, and doing a little painting! That's it. Plain & Simple....we hope!
You can bet there will be pictures to follow!

Stay tuned...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Seattle: A Photo Recap

On our way to Seattle via Amtrak!

Somewhere in North Dakota!

Live polka music - "Roll out the barrel"....oh, we did!

Somewhere in Montana!

Morning coffee in the lounge car.

Lounge car

The start of the mountain views (bad reflection).

Playing Phase 10 in the lower level lounge car.
We spent most of our time here!

Trying to work on some wedding thank you's!

Seattle Space Needle

Pike Street

Fresh flowers at the Pike Place Market.

Mmmm...fresh seafood. I could have bellied up to this
counter with a fork and some cocktail sauce!

Fresh seafood chowder on Pike Street.

Pre-game cocktails at Stella's.

Safeco Field!


Morning coffee on our last day.

Seattle Underground tour.

View of underground Seattle.

Last dinner out for fresh seafood and views of
Elliot Bay/Puget Sound.
What a great trip! The train out there was a blast (we flew home) - I'd recommend an Amtrak trip to anyone!
Hope everyone is enjoying today off of work - I know we are!