Monday, January 24, 2011

Boy, Oh Boys!

They're heeeeeeeeere!

Paul & I have 2 new nephews and they decided to arrive within 3 days of eachother!

Tyler James: 5lb. 7oz. 19in.

Dane Allen: 8lb. 9oz. 21in.

Congrats Eric & Kara and Megan, Mark & Joey!

We're so happy to have 2 new nephews...but now, our 2 nieces are WAY out-numbered! (Let's go girls!)

Auntie K & Uncle P

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

LA girls meet SLP girl in SD!

During an intense game of Connect 4!

Rooftop bar at Hard Rock Hotel!

$1 mimosas in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Our company hired a couple of guys to hand-roll cigars at our cocktail reception. The guys loved this, so the ladies gave it a try. It was not good, BUT we can fake a good photo...especially when there are Brandy Manahttans involved!

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Not sure. But, I do know where San Diego is...and it's a heck of a lot warmer there than it is here!

I was able to spend 7 days in San Diego last week for work (Did I mention I got a new job? No?...oh, we'll save that for another day!)

It was a beautiful 75-80 degrees all week! As a part of our trip, we got to visit the San Diego Zoo, go sail boat racing and even take a gondola ride in the bay. It was wonderful!

The best part of the trip was that Paul & Jeff (my bro) flew out on Friday to spend 3 days with me in Sunny CA. Not only did I get to hang out with my favorite boys...but I also got to enjoy breakfast with 2 old work friends AND 2 old college friends/teammates drove down from Los Angeles to spend the weekend with us too! All-in-all, it was an awesome week!

It was a bit of a bummer to arrive home to this cold...but, what did I expect, right?

Now...time to plan that honeymoon of ours (we've only been married for almost 8 months!)


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Man Cold.

Paul is a man. Paul has a cold. Therefore, Paul has a "Man Cold". Have you heard of this?

Learn more about this horrible illness by watching this YouTube video:

"Laura" sounds a lot like "Kendra", doesn't it?!

Here's a shot of our kitchen counter.

It looks like we're covered during the day and at night AND in tablet, powder and liquid form. Pending we follow a strict regimen of medicating this condition, Paul should start feeling better in approximately 3-4 weeks OR as soon as I chuck his bell out the front door!

Just kidding, there's no bell...just a sick boy! He's feeling better, but I can't help but poke a little fun! He's not alone seems like EVERYONE is coming down with something. I've taken my nursing experience from home (thank you, Paul) and applied it at work to help my sick coworkers too! I've been walking around, like the medicine fairy, dropping a little Immune Defense Tonic in their teas/coffees and leaving Echinacea tablets on their desks when I hear them coughing/sneezing. This morning, my boss walked over, opened his travel coffee mug and said "Doc...I need my medicine again." I also brought in a bag of tangerines to help the cause BUT it turns out that despite the increased need for Vitamin C, most sick people will still choose leftover Christmas cookies over a tangerine when given the option.

Hope you're all feeling healthy and if not, here's wishing you a loud bell!
Nurse K + P

Mustache: [muhs-tash, muh-stash]

1. The hair growing on the upper lip
2. Such hair on men (or women!), allowed to grow without shaving, and often trimmed in any various shapes.
3. Something that will liven up any family get together and leave the whole group in fits of laughter!

How we found a mustache that perfectly matched Paul's hair is beyond my comprehension.

It itched bad...but c'mon, how cool does it look? (not very, I know.)
Brady, modeling the perfect style for any 4 year old boy!
Brady & Papa Cow supporting mustaches and of course, peace!
(Papa's mustache is the real thing!)
And, you wonder where I get it? Leave it to my mom to take the joke 1 step further...mismatched eyebrows...the "must-have" fashion for 2011!
Laugh if you will....cuz we did too!

Looking for a good read?

Then you've come to the wrong place.

And for the last few updates, I've gotten away with simply posting photos (easy!)...but I know you're just dying to find out what's going on with Paul & I since we're just so exciting and all...

To be honest...we haven't done a whole lot of anything lately, BUT that's never stopped me from talking about, here goes.

Do I even bring up the motherload of snow that has been dumped on us lately? As mentioned in an earlier post, we've spent a good amount of time shoveling our way out of our driveway. One thing we NEVER thought about when we bought our house was just how long our driveway never crossed our minds at all and it's SO long. What were we thinking? We obviously should have countered the homeowner's offer and requested they shorten the driveway before we bought it!
The proof is in the puddin'..check out these pics:
What I saw when I opened the door.
Ok...that's a lot of snow.
Yep, you can't even see our 3 side steps.
Look. We did it! The driveway is clear...until the snowplows go by!
His & Hers shovels. We're very romantic.

So, you ask "What did you and Paul do AFTER you spent 3 hours shoveling your driveway?" Oh. Good question - we went to play trivia at a local tavern, obviously! AND, I only mention it now because I beat Paul. This never happens....but it did this day, so I took photos...again, I needed proof.

"Hawk" vs. "RARA"

"RARA" wins! (PS: "RARA" = kendRA RAsmusson...get it? AND "HAWK"...yeah, I'm not sure how he conjured that one up...but I just went with it.)
My win was HUGE! You should have seen the people around us stare as I jumped up, fist-pumped and took a photo of the TV screen! This may NEVER happen again, as my husband is dynamite at trivia! (says proud wife!)
We're hopeful that 2011 will be a great year...for us and you!
Hawk & RaRa (ha!)