Monday, February 22, 2010

It's A (Flower) Girl!

Well, we had been waiting to post until our new niece arrived...BUT, she was very stubborn and just arrived today (1 week after her due date!)

With great joy, we announce the arrival of Claire Margaret Meyer!

She's absolutely beautiful...long eyelashes, dark black hair and already a personality of her own!

We're so happy for Chris, Lynn & big brother Ben!

We know Madison is thrilled to have a girl cousin to "walk" down the aisle with at our wedding in June, too!

Uncle P & Aunt K!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

Paul & I don't do a lot of present swapping...but today we did!

I tutor at an elementary school near the drug store that Paul used to work at when he was young. He was a stock boy who distinctly remembers spending hours stocking sticks of fun!

I stopped by this week to check out the place my future hubby used to work...just because I'm a dork like that. The store was cute and had quite the selection of gifts and knick-knacks. First I stopped by the deodorant aisle just to see how the "new" stock boys were doing (the shelves looked pretty good!) and decided to pick up a stick of deodorant as part of Paul's Valentine's Day gift (I know, romantic, right?) I thought it was funny!

I really wanted to find something that actually had the name of the drug store on it so Paul could take a little walk down Memory Lane when he opened his gift. All I was able to find was a $8 bag of of course, for the sake of the gift, I bought them! Last, I grabbed a box of sweethearts candies (which I do not like) since they are one of Paul's favorites!

I, on the other hand, spent the week dropping hints to Paul that a new calculator would really help me in my classes this semester. (Any calculator would likely be an improvement on the old micro-sized calculator I had been using!)

This morning, when we swapped gifts I was thrilled to discover that Paul is a good listener (not that I doubted you, Paul) as I received a brand new Texas Instrument calculator! How exciting?!?!

Later that day, I asked Paul if we could open his chocolates that I had given him and he immediately replied that those were "HIS" gift. Hmmmph. Fine. Mark my word, Paul will not be allowed to do any calculations on my new calculator...

Somehow this doesn't seem quite fair.

This Valentine's Day, remember to "count" your blessings...and buy 2 bags of chocolates!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gift Registeries...

Hey Everyone!

I was asked today where we are registered and figured I might as well post it here in case anyone else was wondering too.

Well, we are registered at Target, but we also plan to register at Sears and Bed, Bath & Beyond..."plan", of course, is the key word as we have not yet completed the last two!

We'll get to that shortly...but there, if you're wondering, are the facts, sir!

Procrastinators Unite,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Thanks for "czech-ing" out our wedding blog!
Here's some additional info on our wedding:

Wedding Ceremony: St. Patrick's Church of Cedar Lake
24425 Old Highway 13
Jordan, MN 55352

Wedding Reception: Park Ballroom of New Prague
300 Lexington Avenue South
P.O. BOX 113
New Prague, MN 56071

Hotel Accommodations #1: AmericInn Lodge & Suites
1200 1st Street North East
New Prague, MN 56071
(952) 758-7300
(Make sure you book under the "Sticha-Rasmusson" wedding party!)

Hotel Accommodations #2: Schumacher's Bed & Breakfast
212 West Main Street
New Prague, MN 56071
(952) 758-2133

We're looking forward to seeing you on June 5th!

Kendra & Paul

Monday, February 1, 2010

Coworker. Neighbor. Friend.

Well, here is it...a blog post honoring Jennifer!

To catch some of you up: In a previous post, we asked for people to comment and in turn we would write a post about the first commenter...which was Jennifer!

This is going to be fun...

Jennifer & I work together. In fact, we share a cube wall which her plant dangles its leafy branches over.

I asked Jennifer what I was allowed to write about her on the blog...and then immediately asked if I could post her social security number, home address, phone number and credit card information...sadly, she said no to all, which will make it hard to find anything to write about her...KIDDING, Jennifer!

Jennifer is a good audience and occasionally the performer...but usually the audience...since we know who typically tries to fill the role of performer...(moi!) She will listen as I explain the recent coupons I clipped or deal I snagged or as I show her the new dance move I invented in the bathroom...sometimes she'll even join in on the new dance move...but only if its REALLY good.

Jennifer is a good friend...she waters our garden and checks on our house when we're out of town...she'll even have an hour-long conversation with our chatty neighbor while attempting to quickly water our garden and get the "H outta D" (Heck outta Dodge!)

Jennifer is the voice of reason...when I freak out, I run to her and begin with the "freaking out" and she lets me properly freak out. Then when I'm done, she stares at me (probably also a little freaked out a this point) and tells me to get a grip.

Jennifer is an animal/nature lover...she has 2 dogs, 2 cats and a garden (oh and many leafy, dangle-y plants in her cube...see above). I called her "granola" once and was promptly now I call her "Green Queen"! Jennifer is even on our Green@Work committee at work. I also thought I was a part of this committee (I really wasn't) and proceeded to offer input when the group met....Jennifer added me to committee!

Well, I could go on forever and I'm sorry to those of you who don't know Jennifer as this may not be a super entertaining post (not like many of them are!)...but hopefully you can meet Jennifer at our wedding on June might even catch her out on the dance floor busting out some of MY dance moves...!!!

Take care all,