Sunday, October 25, 2009

House Update #2

Hey all,

Again, my posting is delayed, but for good reason! Paul & I (with the help of many friends & family) have accomplished much in the last couple of weeks.

We're so close to finishing up our house remodel!! (Phewf!) After the first weekend in November, we should be completely finished! Check out the updated pic I've included in this post. We are only waiting on the new shutters we ordered, one more window in the front, some trim and the new gutters! We can't wait to be finished!

Last weekend, we also celebrated Paul's 32nd doing work on our house! Lucky guy! We did break early so we could enjoy a huge feast of Mexican food, cocktails and fun with a bunch of friends and family!

Paul & I are just about 7 months away from our wedding and have much to do yet! We're planning on finishing up the house first, then refocusing our efforts back to the wedding planning. I do think we'll begin the great "dress hunt" in the next month, which will make for some fun times for all the women involved in the wedding!

We're looking forward to a quieter weekend of handing out Halloween candy and perhaps eating some ourselves too! Back to working on the house the following weekend and hopefully wrapping it all up then...just in time for winter!

Hope you are all doing well!

Happy Halloween,

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