Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cookies & Wedding Cakes...

Well, it's certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I spent the day baking Christmas cookies with my mom, sister-in-law, and cousin. We ended up making over 5 different types of cookies (and maybe sampling a few too!) As you can see my mom has quite the collection of old aprons and we've made it a tradition to wear them whenever we's kinda fun!

Now for the wedding updates...for those of you who don't know, I've decided to wear my Grandma's wedding dress for our wedding. My Grandma Adeline is my Mom's Mom who wore the dress in 1943 for she and my Grandpa's wedding. My Mom and I went to play BINGO with my Grandma a couple weeks back and I asked her permission to wear her dress. She teared up and said "Yes!" I was so happy!

We will do some alterations on the dress to make it a better fit for my style but overall I intend for it to stay as close as possible to its original style! I'm very excited to see the final product!

The same (awesome) woman who will be altering my dress is also making our wedding cakes (yes, we're back to the idea of cakes instead of cupcakes). She asked Paul & I to put together a list of some of our favorite cake can do that! I'm excited to see what she comes up with as we've given her some "creative freedom" on the actual cake design.

On the "girly side" of things...I've been working with some former classmates to organize hair stylists for the bridesmaids for the morning of the wedding. I've also ordered and received all the bridesmaids' dresses which is nice to have checked off the list!

While looking at jewelry for the bridesmaids, I had a change of "vision" (oh, how dramatic, huh?) for the wedding color scheme. Originally I had been leaning toward a pink & green color scheme....but now I've settled on a green, blue, ivory, brown scheme. I asked Paul how he felt about my new idea and he said "It will all look brown to me" (due to being partially colorblind)...which I then interpreted to mean "I love it, Kendra!"...Oh, it's nice to have such an agreeable fiance! ha!

Paul is working on deciding what meal will be served at the reception of our wedding. The reception site has a big menu that we can select from and with so many weddings lately, we've been able to sample many of their menu items ahead of time. We hope you all end up enjoying the meal....and cake...and overall, just the whole day! (but if not, then at least you know who to blame for the meal selection! - kidding!)

I finish up my last final exam of the semester this week and then we can focus on enjoying the Christmas season AND getting this wedding planned! It's now less than 6 months away!

Thanks for checking in!

PS: Did I mention I have another cousin that got engaged? Just last week! Congrats Jake & Gina!

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  1. Now that I found your site, I am going to have to follow you to the wedding day and after! It was a nice surprise to run into you in MG the other weekend. I hope that you had a nice xmas and NY's and all is well.

    Take Care!