Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hey, where'd everyone go?

...on our honeymoon! BUT, we're back now!

We have MANY photos annd updates to share about our trip...but how about we wait for that until after mid-terms are done this week, ok?

In the meantime, study this map of some of the places we visited (or at least pretend to.)

Next week is SPRING BREAK for me (which isn't nearly as fun since I still have to go to work)!

Paul informed me tonight that he's joined a 3rd (that's right...1,2,3.) fantasy baseball league. Mmm thoughts exactly. That's going to triple the amount of time he usually spends ticked off and sulking. Boy, this oughta be fun for me, huh?

Anyway...more updates & pictures to come! We had such a great time! I vote for a honeymoon EVERY year!


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