Saturday, November 26, 2011

Funnies by Benny...

So, I'd be lying if I said that I'm not growing tired of blogging. I think its just a phase but lately its been more stressful than fun to think of blog posts. I think this is primarily because I'm 99% more tired than I've ever been in my life.

BUT, I think I'll get my bloggin' groove back once I get some of my old energy back...maybe I should say IF I get it back. (I hope I do!)

Anyway, tonight I realized that we just have to start writing down some of the funny things my 3 year old nephew Ben says. He's ridiculously goofy/smart/funny/thoughtful...and the stuff he comes up with stick with us and make us giggle for days.

1. "Muff-cakes" = cupcakes
2. "Saint Louis Prague" = where Uncle Paul & Auntie live
3. "Jesus hurt my feelings." = reason #876 why he couldn't fall asleep one night
4. "I don't like FOX 9 Morning News on for me. Please turn the TV to channel 2." = what he said to his mom one day while she watched the news
5. "That's John Jacob's bed." = when asked who sleeps in the other bed in his room. (John Jacob is his imaginary friend. Sound familiar? Yes, you know him. John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt)
6. "Haha. I'm Spiderman...because I'm Santa." = makes no sense...but still funny.
7. "Auntie Paul" = how he collectively referred to Paul & I.
8. "Henry-Greta" = what he renamed my parents' chicken, whose real name is "Henrietta". Ben has a friend named Henry and a second cousin named Greta, so "Henry-Greta" just made more sense to him!
9. "I work in Minneapolis. It's one of the Twin Cities." = whenever he wears a collared shirt, he says it's his "work shirt" and that he's going to Minneapolis.
10. "Who's gonna play the guitar?" = whenever a song comes on that he likes, he makes sure that every instrument is covered...even if its the tambourine, harmonica, clarinet or any other instrument NOT played in the song.

He's cute and goofy - we love our Benny! Hope you got a couple good chuckles today too!
K+P+B (baby!)

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  1. I think he is on to something with the Saint Louis Prague. That sounds like a good name for your future compound.

    Auntie Paul makes total sense. You know Matilda still calls you both the "Kendras" so it is only fair Ben says Auntie Paul.

    Good luck with the energy thing. I was once told being pregnant is the same as climbing Mount Everest, but I dont plan on doing either so will never for sure.