Thursday, April 5, 2012

34 Week bUmPDATE!

Did I mention how nice it is to have a photographer and photo studio on-site at work? No?'s pretty nice!

I feel fortunate that my awesome coworker and friend, John Swee from Dodge Creative, has been able to help us capture some memories of this special time...all over lunch breaks! :)

Baby Ras - 34 weeks

It's too bad that Paul couldn't just bop out of work and join the fun, but obviously we'll have plenty of photos of all 3 of us shortly!

Next weekend, our friends and family are throwing us a baby shower. I can't wait!

5.5 more weeks until Baby's due date, 3 weeks until I'm done with grad school, 4 days until the Twins home opener....good times are ahead of us!


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  1. You look great!! The end (beginning?) is near - so excited for you!