Monday, August 30, 2010

Where to start?!?!'s been a while since our last post but that's because there's been so many exciting things going on!

Any day now there should be new babies arriving all around family, and friends and we cannot wait!

ALSO - we found out that we have another niece or nephew on the way! Not only are Eric & Kara (my brother & sister-in-law) expectinng a baby boy in January BUT Megan & Mark (Paul's sister and her husband) are also February! We're so excited! Joey told us about the news via his shirt that read "BIG BROTHER" a couple weekends ago while grilling out at our house. The pics here are from that fun day! (PS: We tried the grilled green bean recipe out that day and it was AWESOME!)

Paul & I spent the last 5 days in Seattle with friends....twins games, seafood chowder, local beers, and LOTS of walking. More updates and photos on that to come!

Wishing everyone a relaxing Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Those dont look like gay marriage beans. I am pretty disappointed in you guys. But the burgers and green beans look good! And congrats on the little neices and nephews coming your way. I know baby Cy cant wait to see his uncle Paul and auntie Kendra.