Sunday, February 13, 2011

BIG news from our kitchen:

You: Great. Why didn't you have a microwave? That technology came about in 1946. You're only 65 years behind on this...

Well...almost a YEAR ago (yes, 12 months) our microwave went kaput (well, actually it flashed, sparked and nearly started on fire) and since it's an above-the-range model it wasn't as simple as "toss it out and buy a new one". (Plus...did I mention? We aren't the most handy folks in town!)
Anyway, we sorta made it a challenge for ourselves to see how long we could go without a microwave. We had many offers from kind friends and family members to have their extra countertop microwaves, BUT we have a small kitchen and just coudn't give up ANY we were getting along just fine without one. We learned to heat up leftovers on the stove top or in the toaster oven and we didn't make a single bag of popcorn that entire year! (gasp!)

THEN, Black Friday happened and in my mad dash for a washer & dryer, I snagged a great deal on an above-the-range microwave too. It was great! Except then we had to figure out how to remove the old microwave and hang the new one. (It was intimidating...)

I'm happy to say that I took (read: tore) down the old one on my own, while Paul was at work one day! But, putting up the new one was something we put off until we had an "expert" to help...i.e. my brother. So, a "short" 3 months later (yesterday), my super generous brother and Paul worked together to put the new microwave up. I'm glad we had Jeff to help because it ended up being a little harder than I hoped. BUT...we have a microwave again!
I can't even describe how excited we were (it's the small things, people!) After the microwave was up last night, we made chips n' cheese and this morning we nuked my mom's famous rolled breakfast sandwiches...and of course, we both stood there watching that magical glass plate revolve....Amazing.

Now, on to things that weren't a success...

I attempted to make homemade almond milk yogurt in my slow cooker this weekend. I read about it here.

It started out great...and ended up soupy and frightening. Sadly, I tossed it out BUT I plan to try it again!
We're batting 50% in our kitchen this week...which translates to a glass HALF full in my book!

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