Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Silvia: 2 Months

Dear Silvia,

This past month has flown by! I started clearing out your newborn clothes and washing/putting away your new 3 month bittersweet. You're growing SO fast!

You've learned lots of new "tricks" this month. You babble and coo and "talk" away, especially when you're on the dresser getting your diaper changed. You tell stories to your Dad and I as we lean over and get right in your face. You also like talking to your "little friend" in the mirror! She's such a nice little girl, isn't she? ;)

You now take baths in your baby bathtub (rather than the smaller washtub we used to use). You enjoy it much more and smile away!

As mentioned above, you're a smiling machine...especially when you first wake up. Those fresh morning smiles are the best. Your Dad and I fight over them!

You've been able to meet many of your new cousins and even a couple of your Great Grandmas this month. We still need to get out to Wisconsin to see Great Grandma McNamara...hopefully sometime this next month.

You absolutely love being around other kids. You'll lay contently on a blanket on the floor and stare as they play around you. This makes me feel better when I think about sending you off to daycare.

I had begun to brag about how well you were sleeping when WHAM! decided to change that up. For a week or so, you were up many times each night. You and I spent a lot of time "visiting" in the wee hours of the morning that week. It! :)  Just lately you've again started to sleep better. Last night you slept 6 hours in a row. I felt like a whole new woman when you woke me up for your 3am feeding. Thanks for that.

You went on quite a growing streak recently, gaining almost a pound last week...YIKES! I think that explains all the late night/early morning feedings you were needing. This is also why we washed up all your 3 month clothes. Girl, you're almost 11lbs. now...goodbye newborn outfits!

Your pretty red hair is starting to rub off and now you just have a nice, long tuft in the back. It's very stylish! :)

Last week you discovered your thumb. We heard you sucking away through the baby monitor and when we went into your room, you had that thumb in your mouth and were as happy as a clam! You had been searching your fist for weeks to find that thumb, though we haven't seen you with it in your mouth since. So, I guess you still aren't "officially" a thumbsucker but man, you're working hard to get there by sucking on your fists whenever you can. Both your Dad and I were thumbsuckers, too, so we "get" it.

We took you in for your 2 month appointment last week, which included shots. Your Dad was able to take the day off to join us. What can I say? It wasn't that enjoyable for any of us...all three of us cried. You were a trouper, sporting your Tweety Bird bandaids, and bounced back to your smiley self later that day and even took a 3 hour nap afterward! At your appointment, you weighed in at 10lbs. 4oz. (40%), measured 23" long (80%) and your head was 15" around (40%).

You and I started taking a New Mama class with a bunch of other first-time moms. It's been so much fun! You're a model student, staring and talking to our instructor the whole time. She often stops class and says, "Well, hello Silvia. I see you have something to say too." It's adorable. There are twin baby girls in our class who were born at the same hospital as you, on the same day just hours after you were born!

The three of us have been trying out new things this past month to keep the summer lively. One day we visited your Dad's work and then afterward went downtown to have lunch outside from the food trucks. You and I (partially) walked around Lake Calhoun. It started to look overcast-y, so I turned the stroller around and ran back to the car...and then it never ended up raining. :( We also went and visited my work and have met up with many friends for lunch, coffee, dinner, etc. Basically, we try to get out and about each day for some fun. This summer has been very different from any other but so much fun!
We celebrated the 4th of July with some friends and although you didn't get to go swimming, you did try out your new swimsuits! It's been a hot summer. If you were a bit older, we'd be spending most days at the Splash Pad.

This month went far too fast and I'm sure that trend will continue. I'm sad to say that you and I only have 1 more month together before I have to start transitioning back to work. I'm confident you'll do great at daycare..but know I'll miss these days together so much when I go back to work. Ok, enough of's to another fun month!

We love you little girl,
Mama & Dad

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