Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Silvia: 3 Months

Dear Silvia,

This post is a little late, but I will not skimp on content...I promise!

Well, this month I started back at work part-time (hence the delayed post!) and it's gone pretty well so far....thanks to both of your Grandmas who have been coming over to watch you on the days I have to work. Next month, I'm back full-time and you'll start at daycare. I'm sure you'll have much fun with your new daycare friends!

We've said it before and we'll say it're a mover and shaker and you like to be where all the action is! You now officially roll from front to back and back to front...though, its not happening consistently. When playing during tummy time, you also move your legs up and down on the ground (like mountain climbers) or stiffen your legs up (like a plank)...I think you're wanting to get your little body moving. I wonder how long before you start crawling...yikes!

You coo and "talk" so much! You're constantly blowing bubbles and you now also give us deep, belly laughs. It's so cute! You've also started to grasp toys and move them around, knowing that they'll make a noise when you do so. When laying down, you've started to tuck your chin to your chest and attempt to sit yourself up. When we go in to give you a smooch, you open your mouth...nothing like a big, wet open-mouth kiss!

You're liking bath time more and more and you now splash around while in your little tub. We moved  you to your crib and you're doing great in there....though, you still like to get up and party 1-3 times a night. You squawk in your crib until someone comes to get you and when they do you immediately stop what you're doing and give a HUGE smile. It's hard to be grouchy (even at 1, 2, 3am) when you're greeted by such a nice, gummy smile!

We've moved you entirely into your 3 month clothing, but you're on the verge of being too long for some of your sleepers. I guess its time to starting pulling out some of your 6 months clothes too....already?!?!  Your little cheeks are filling out nicely and you also have started to have little chubber rolls on your inner thighs.

You love being read to and will sit so nicely the whole time. The hair you had lost is now coming back slowly, but you still have your cute little mullet (so stylish!). Your eyes are still blue...though I still think that will eventually change.

Overall, you are a pretty happy little girl. You smile all the time, even at strangers or when you're mad.

You were last weighed a couple weeks ago (at almost 12 weeks) and you were 12lbs. 10oz. I'm guessing you're around 13lbs. now as your size 1 diapers are getting pretty snug. Your next dr. appt. will be at 4 months, so I'll have more accurate height/weight info in next month's post.

You've had a lot of other firsts this past month, too:
- You've now been to a movie at the theater twice! You slept/ate throughout the first movie "What to expect when you're expecting" and were wide awake during "Spiderman"....both times you were a good little girl and kept quiet.
- You went to the MN Science Museum. Truth be told, it was a dud of an exhibit...but you, your Dad and I still managed to have a good time.
- You went to your first Church Festival at St. Patrick's. It was hot and you were pooped by the end. In fact, you napped on a picnic table at one point in the day!
- You went to your first bridal shower, baby shower (for you!) and birthday much fun!
- You and I went to Mom and Baby yoga a few times. It was so much loved seeing all the other babies and being moved up, down and all around.
- You went to your first Twins game...sadly, they lost.
- You've now met ALL three of your Great Grandmas. We recently took a trip to Altoona, WI so you could meet your Great Grandma McNamara. She loved holding you and talking to you and you smiled the whole time.
- Now, that I think about it....that was your first out-of-state trip too! Woohoo Wisconsin!
- You were baptized! Father George, the priest who married your Dad & I, baptized you at St. Anne's Catholic Church in LeSueur, MN. It was such a beautiful day with (almost) all of our family.

How was that for an eventful month?!?! We had so much fun and are looking forward to the next!

We love you so much,
Mama and Dad

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