Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dear Silvia: 7 Months

Dear Silvia,

Wow - we really stink at this whole blogging thing, don't we? I promise that the only reason we're so behind on blog posts is because we are having so much fun with you!

At 7 months, you really started to show your personality! More laughter than ever, louder giggles and shrieks, bigger smiles! You are so fun to have around and we love hauling you everywhere we go. You're so happy-go-lucky...smiling at strangers, checking out every new scene, kicking your legs, swinging your arms! Everywhere we go, we hear comments on how you're such a "happy girl", "beautiful girl"...and sometimes "handsome boy" :) Sorry, we don't always dress you in pink with bows and you don't have much hair (yet!)

You learned to sit up really tall and strong this month, just in time to open presents during your first Christmas! You recived a fun, pink toy camera from Grandma and Grandpa Rasmusson, a dolly from Nana andPapa Cow, a cool, pink step stool from your Godmom Lynn and a doll house from your Godmom Megan. From Santa, you got your first red-headed dolly named Leona. She's so cute! What a fun Christmas it was for you...and for us! Having you around has made Christmas so much more special for your Dad and I too. You wore a new red dress, cream sweater, tights and gold dress shoes for Christmas. I looked high and low for a pretty gold hairbow for you to wear...but no luck. You still looked so absolutely adorable in your first Christmas outfit. I had a blast picking it out too! (One of the perks of having a little girl!)

Outside of the many holiday get togethers we had, we also had many fun play dates with the other babies and Moms from our baby classes. Of course, we also had a play date with the Sticha Chicas and Garin and Carter!

On top of sitting really well, you've started to get up on all fours and rock back and you're rev'ing your engine to get moving!

You're enjoying eating solids more and more as we've been adding more foods to your diet. At Christmas you got to enjoy some squash and sweet potatoes...yum!

Silvia - you bring so much joy to our lives...more than we could have ever imagined. You're such a happy girl and we're soo thankful for that!

Keep being your smiley, happy, healthy self!

We love you so much - having you was the best decision we ever made! :)

Mama and Dad

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