Monday, May 17, 2010

All is fair in love &....banking.

Up until last week, all really was fair in love AND banking, but then I was offered a new position within Marketing at M&I Bank and I accepted it!

Now the equation looks more like this:
Wells Fargo = 1 (Paul)
M&I Bank = 2 (Kendra & Mark)
Looks like M&I has WF the Rasmusson family anyway.

Just to act like middle-schoolers, Mark & I even started a new thing "The M&I High 5". It would be similar to shouting "Go Team" while high-fiving...but way cooler. It's most effective if you say it right in front of Paul!

Dennis asked if my new position might perhaps cause some banking arguments within the family - Of course not, we're not the type to rub it in that we have WF outnumbered...("M&I High 5 on three...1...2...3!")

All jokes aside, I'm really excited to start my new job, though its been tough to say goodbye to my coworkers. I've been very fortunate to have coworkers who are not only great to work with but also really close friends of mine. You'll get to meet them (at the bar) at our wedding. kidding!

Paul is in charge of updating our RSVP list, so make sure you email or call in your response by THIS FRIDAY (whoa...that went fast, huh?) or Paul will call and drill you for an answer!

It's hard to believe that we're now only 2.5 weeks away from "the day"...which reminds me that I better wrap this up and get back to work on those programs!

Take care and see you soon,

P.S. - Keep your fingers crossed that this gorgeous weather sticks around!!

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