Sunday, May 9, 2010

The homestretch...

Hi Everyone,
Paul & I will be getting married in less than a month - Wow! We are most definitely now in the homestretch!

Oddly enough, this past weekend was spent "at the races". No, not Canterbury...allow me to explain...

Saturday Paul & I, along with my two sisters, ran the New Prague 5K! This was Paul's first ever race and it was awesome that we were able to run it together. The weather was, however, NOT awesome. It was cold, windy, cloudy and it even snowed on us for a bit!! I gave Paul 2 options on how the race could end:

1) We run through the finish line at the same time, holding hands (as you'd expect any "about to be married couple" would) - ha!
2) We sprint and race each other to the finish line (as two highly competitive people likely would)
He chose option #2 (phewf!...that's what I was hoping for!)
When it came down to the homestretch, we sprinted and crossed the finish line at the exact same time! We called it a tie...until the official race scores posted online...and we discovered that Paul actually won by ONE SECOND! Anyone who knows me knows that I just could not grasp this...WHAT?!?! I felt confused, cheated and well, like a loser (dramatic, I know!). Anyone who knows Paul knows that HE LOVED THIS and will NEVER let me hear the end of it! (I'll get him next year!)

Sunday came along and we spent the morning volunteering at Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Mall of America slinging trash. We were able to see Florence, Dennis, Mark, Megan & Joey at the race too! After a quick shower (to remove the lovely trash scent) we were also able to see my Mom, Dad and family later in the day!

It was a busy, but fun weekend and one of our last as an umarried couple! We're getting pretty anxious for June 5th and we're so looking forward to celebrating with everyone!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!


  1. wish I would have known you were there at the MOA, I would have looked for you to say hi!

  2. Fat Bottom Girls!I seem to remember someone always requesting that at wedding receptions.