Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Man Cold.

Paul is a man. Paul has a cold. Therefore, Paul has a "Man Cold". Have you heard of this?

Learn more about this horrible illness by watching this YouTube video:

"Laura" sounds a lot like "Kendra", doesn't it?!

Here's a shot of our kitchen counter.

It looks like we're covered during the day and at night AND in tablet, powder and liquid form. Pending we follow a strict regimen of medicating this condition, Paul should start feeling better in approximately 3-4 weeks OR as soon as I chuck his bell out the front door!

Just kidding, there's no bell...just a sick boy! He's feeling better, but I can't help but poke a little fun! He's not alone seems like EVERYONE is coming down with something. I've taken my nursing experience from home (thank you, Paul) and applied it at work to help my sick coworkers too! I've been walking around, like the medicine fairy, dropping a little Immune Defense Tonic in their teas/coffees and leaving Echinacea tablets on their desks when I hear them coughing/sneezing. This morning, my boss walked over, opened his travel coffee mug and said "Doc...I need my medicine again." I also brought in a bag of tangerines to help the cause BUT it turns out that despite the increased need for Vitamin C, most sick people will still choose leftover Christmas cookies over a tangerine when given the option.

Hope you're all feeling healthy and if not, here's wishing you a loud bell!
Nurse K + P

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