Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Friends in Christ"

A couple of weeks ago, we were able to celebrate with our good friends, Matt & Amber. Their little guy, Graeme, was baptized and we were honored to be his godparents...or as we've dubbed it "Friends in Christ"! You see, we want to be those "cool" godparents that Graeme comes to when he needs advice or tips on fashion (ha!) we thought "Friends" would be cooler than "Parents"!! JK!

Graeme-Bo and Paul-o doing a little post-baptism snuggle session!
Graeme & his Friends in Christ!

The Tredinnick Family!

The deacon asked the moms to stand up for a special prayer...this pictures is adorable.

Amber is a great mom!

The happy family!

(that's Graeme's baptismal cloth...not tp!)

It was a fun day of celebrating and we look forward to watching Graeme grow up...but hopefully not too quickly!

We love you Graeme,


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