Sunday, June 5, 2011

When dancing on a your head.

Last weekend, I was able to get together with some college friends and celebrate Krista's upcoming nuptials. We celebrated in typical college fashion...on a party bus! Check out the was pretty cool!

(I still have a bump on my head from bonking it on the shelf when the bus driver took a crazy turn.)

Some of the fun ladies we celebrated with!

More fun ladies!

One came straight from work, one had a broken wrist (don't ask) and one was pregnant...yet fun was had by all!

Do some of these ladies look familiar? They should...2 were personal attendants and 1 was a bridesmaid at our wedding!

"Heart glasses girl" (below) is the guest of honor, Krista! She also insisted on wearing fake hill-billy teeth (as seen on the gal to her right, below) out to bars...she was a hit, per usual!
It was a blast and Paul & I look forward to celebrating again at their wedding next month!

Go wedding season,

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