Monday, July 25, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

30 Day Blogging Challenge? Good joke, Kendra. You haven't blogged since July 1st. Whoops! The summer has been a bit too busy and completely gotten away on me. A friend and fellow blogger has encouraged me to participate...and in life, and in general, I'm a participator. So, here goes...

Best/Worst Blogging Experience

I like writing and have ever since I was little. I prefer to write like I talk (go ahead, say it..."non-stop!") in non-sensical ramblings. When I first started this blog, almost 2 years ago to share our wedding plans, I struggled with what I'd say, how I'd say it, who'd be reading, and what they'd think. Sometimes these thoughts still creep into my mind, but I think my best blogging experience, so far, has been realizing that these concerns are unimportant. I consider this blog to be an online scrapbook of our life. Blogging forces me to take more pictures and jot down random happenings so that one day, we can lift our spectacles, scratch our bums and say to eachother "Hey, you...remember when we were fun?" or "Oh gosh, I looked good without wrinkles." I think I especially look forward to letting our (future) kids get a peek into what our life was like "back when".

I can just imagine...

"See kids...we were so NOT lame. Now, go to bed so I can watch Hoarders in peace."

I've really enjoyed blogging and look forward to looking back at how our words, thoughts and concerns change over the years. For the time being, we'll continue documenting our travels, happy hours, family events and wonderful friendships.

Thanks for being a part of the experience!

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  1. I'm glad you're playing! Consider this your green ribbon for participation.