Sunday, September 27, 2009

Congrats Eric & Kara!

This past weekend, Paul & I stood up in my brother's wedding in Wisconsin. It was a really fun weekend! It was neat for Paul & I to be in a wedding together, especially now that we're planning our own, as we spent much of the time taking mental notes!

Eric & Kara's wedding was outside near a beautiful pond in Kara's parent's yard. It rained all day Friday and we were all fearing the worst when it came to Saturday's weather. Well, Kara & Eric certainly lucked out and had the most beautiful day! The sun was out, a cool breeze was in the air and the trees were flaunting their best autumn colors! I've included some photos from the weekend!

Paul's parents, Dennis & Florence, were able to join us in Wisconsin for the wedding and thankfully, my goofy family didn't scare them away! After a wonderful dinner, we all spent some time on the dance floor together, though Dennis never did follow through on that polka dance he promised me!! ha! Dennis - no avoiding the polkas at our wedding, ok?

We're getting pretty excited for our wedding day which is quickly approaching (just over 8 months away!) I was pleasantly surprised to hear from some relatives that we're "ahead of the game" in regard to our wedding plans! It's hard to tell now that we're in the thick of it....but at least it appears like we've got our ducks in a row! Stay, ducks, stay!

I'll end this blog post with an awesome quote from Paul on Saturday night while dancing....."Kendra, ya know, I'm not entirely looking forward to all the stresses of the wedding day...but I'm really looking forward to be married to you!" - phewf....always good to hear!

I'll try to blog again in a couple days as I should have some more updates very soon!

Have a good week,

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