Sunday, September 13, 2009

Picture (almost) Perfect...

So, as I mentioned in our last blog entry, love is in the air! I've included a photo of myself and 2 of my closest cousins in this entry. Sarah, Gina & I have been like sisters for many years and have made a tradition of occasionally meeting up and singing karaoke together at a local small-town tavern. We enter our song requests under our "stage name" of "The Sticha Chicas"!! How crazy things work out that in the year 2010 all three of us will be getting married...not only that, but we'll also all be in each other's weddings! Tonight, Paul mentioned that perhaps we'll have to find a new "stage name" and immediately made his suggestion of "The Chicas formally known as Stichas", which I thought was actually pretty good!

And now to explain this blog's title..."Picture (almost) Perfect": You see, the topic of the price of wedding photography has brought about our first "wedding debate"! I, personally, feel that the wedding photographer is one aspect of our wedding where "you get what you pay for". Paul, on the other hand, feels that just any wedding photographer is fine since essentially "you hang one picture on the wall and put the rest in an album to sit on your shelf forever". Hmmmm... Paul's got a good point yet I think I'm right on this one. (go figure!) Well, let's hope we settle this debate before June 5th or we may need all of your help on taking some photos of our big day (KIDDING!)

Dare I even bring up the wedding cake, DJ, and flowers??? ...maybe tomorrow!! ha!

Thanks for checking in - K&P

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