Friday, July 9, 2010

Date Night!

We have 'em often....but really they're not romantic candle lit dinners OR long strolls to the park to watch the sunset.....they're typically just our excuse to do a whole lot of nothing...together!

We only call it "date night" so it sounds really exciting and impressive (ha...joke's on you!)

Recipe for The Rasmusson Date Night:
1 Friday night
2 Overtired adults
2 $5 footlongs from Subway (no one said I eat the whole thing....but...!!!)
2 $1 movies from Redbox
2 Powerade Zeros
(Add a few glasses of red wine or a "sixer" of beer if its been an extra long week!)

I'd let you do the math, but this is just too night at our house costs a mind-blowing $14 MAX! We're crazy with our money!!

The Rasmusson Date Night lasts for approximately 180 minutes...or roughly the length of 2 feature length movies. Of course, the type of movie selected can greatly alter the "mood" of date night....for instance:

- 2 comedies = laughter, high 5's and sometimes a bad case of Powerade up the nose!
- 1 comedy + 1 love story (in this order) = all of the above shortly followed by Paul's eyes wondering to the nearest computer screen to check scores.
- 1 comedy + 1 action or sports related flick = All of the above again shortly followed by me kicking my recliner back into "3rd" and cruising full speed into slumberland.

Actually...any 2 movie combo is a toughie for me....Kendra + sitting still = hard work. Ok, I'll be honest...I heart sleeping. If I stand still too long, I'm about (this) close to R.E.M. (no, not the band though that would be cooler!)

Anyway....back to date night. I love date night. Paul does too. In fact, tonight is date night....I better get back to it before he realizes I'm not paying attention to.......what's this movie called again?...hmph....anyway, back to it! "I LOVE THIS PART!" (he did't buy it.)

Enjoy your weekend....and sneak in a date night if you can! You're welcome to borrow our recipe!

Will date nights be this exciting 50 years from now? One can only hope!

-The Mrs.

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  1. Great picture. I just keep thinking there should be one of those cartoon bubbles coming up from the woman that says "Wheres the BEEF!"

    Glad to hear you're keeping the blog and good post. Keep those date nights going, but switch it up and get a pizza once in awhile!