Friday, July 2, 2010

Stars, Stripes...and Full Circles.

I have a friend who likes to note when thinks "come around full circle"...she usually just says "full circle, full circle" while twirling her pointer finger in a circlular motion in the air...sometimes she doesn't even have to say anything, the action itself is usually enough to get her point across.

Well, I had a "Full Circle" moment this week...allow me to explain:

I've been in my new position for 3 weeks now and I'm really enjoying it! I've been SO busy and much of that is due to the fact that daily tasks take me 100 times longer to complete since I'm still learning what "this" means or who "that" is....Once I catch on, I'm hopeful things will come quicker.

Anyway, as some of you may know, my first experience working in Marketing was for the River Falls Chamber of Commerce, making $0/hour the summer before I graduated from college. I had a lot of fun in that job (thankfully, since well...yeah, no money!) especially since I got to work with one of my closest college friends! Well, this last week I was given my first full event to plan (from start to finish) for work AND guess what? For this event, I'll need to work with the Chamber of Commerce to plan a Movies in the Park event for the city of River Falls, WI - WHAT? How did I get to be this lucky? I can't decide which part is coolest...getting to help plan an event on my old stomping grounds, working with the Chamber where I used to work OR the fact that my good friend still works at the Chamber and I'll get to catch up with him while working...sweet deal!

On an equally cool note - Paul was offered a new position within his company and started just a couple weeks after I did! I'm pretty darn proud of my husband! (I still sorta smirk when I say that feels so grown up!) So, we've both been spending our evenings discussing how "dumb" we feel in our new positions and how tired we are! (How's that for excitement?) Nonetheless, we both know that these new opportunities will be hard work but, no doubt, worth it!

With so many new things going on in our world - we're looking forward to a long weekend of grilling, relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Oh, and we should probably put some wedding stuff away and keep working on our thank you cards!

BUT, in case the grilling and relaxing takes the place of the thank you card writing time this weekend - Here's a big THANK YOU to hold you over for a little longer!

Happy 4th of July,

PS: And since posts are typically more fun to read when there's pictures included, I added a couple completely unrelated wedding pictures! Enjoy! (We've been married a month!)

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