Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feeling Fortunate.

There's an awesome asian restaurant just down the street from our house and every now and again, we swing in for take-out....tonight was one of those nights! Per usual, it was delicious!
Tonight's fortune read:
"There appear to be many clouds; but they quickly pass."

This has probably been quite true lately...if we're interpretting it literally anyway. The weather lately has been crazy BUT thankfully each time it passes quickly enough to allow Paul & I to still do some pretty fun things!

Thursday night we attended a St. Paul Saint's game for my work and had a blast watching the game....but my favorite part was witnessing all the crazy antics of the St. Paul Saint's Crew!

Friday was my dad's 60th birthday! I included a pic of "Papa Cow" with 2 of his 4 grandchildren. Did I mention there's one more on the way?!?! Kara & Eric are expecting a little one in January! We're so excited!

Friday night we had a cookout with my brother and some friends. I attempted to make this Irish Potatoes recipe as I had a head of cabbage I wanted to use up from our weekly CSA drop off. The consistency of the potatoes ended up more like soup....BUT they still tasted pretty awesome, in my opinion!

Saturday we headed "up nort" to Brainerd to spend the day with tons of family & friends!
We saw sprinkles of rain throughout the day but nothing could have been fierce enough to postpone the crazy castle bouncer, card games, cul-de-sac kickball or the platefuls of delicious food!
Despite the unpredictable weather...our week was enjoyable! Here's to another!

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