Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Did anyone else notice...

...that this is my 14th blog post this month? What? 14? That's a record, people!

Someone has been quite the blabber-mouth lately. Well, what did you expect?!?

So, in class (Social Media Marketing) we've been learning about "post trees", as in a blog post schedule that details what you'll write about/discuss in your it's like putting together a regular content schedule. A sample post tree would look something like this:

Sunday: Discuss physics
Monday: Post photos of Paul's baseball card collection
Tuesday: Try to explain mathematical equations in a foreign language
Wednesday: Post YouTube clips of cats falling out of trees
Thursday: Write a gruesomely personal story about our friends & family
Friday: Recount kitchen horror stories of recipes gone bad
Saturday: Day Off

Obviously, this is a pretty "interesting" sample post tree, but you get the idea. Should I be doing this? Are you guys looking for some consistency from us? Are we boring you with the normal details of our lives that we usually post? (probably...)

Paul & I have toyed with some real topics that we could discuss (with some level of knowledge/interest)....
- Paul could write a weekly post called "Better Off Read" where he'd review a book he's reading. (He does a lot of reading!...and I love nerds!)
- I could write a weekly post called "What's in a name?" where I'd post names...of people or businesses and then analyze them. If you don't already know this about me. I am a self-proclaimed "nameologist". I consider myself a baby/pet/business naming expert. I could also use this post to share clever word plays or punny business names (i.e. Curry in a Hurry). Believe it or not but these are the thoughts that stream through my head on a day-to-day basis....don't even ask about my idea to start a restaurant overlooking a lake that would be called "Czech on a Deck".
- Paul could also write a weekly sports related post where he'd discuss his perspective on teams, athletes, the ups and downs of fantasy sports, etc. (you wouldn't have to read on these days, if you don't want too - ha! Just Kidding, Paul!)
- I could also write a weekly post on a new recipe to try (if I ever decide to start following them) OR a vacation idea OR a home renovation/project we're working on...These are some of my most favorite topics!

Would this be fun to read? Or is the current flow just fine?

If you don't reply, we'll follow the first "sample" post tree I wrote above...get your pocket protectors ready cuz come next's physics, baby! (kidding...I'm no good at physics!)



  1. Weekly post on new recipe to try! I could never follow a blogging schedule - I think your blog kicks butt just the way it is. And you get bonus points for your husband reading and contributing.

  2. Bri - your wish is my comin' at ya shortly!