Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pizza Date Night!

Last weekend we were invited to Pizza Date Night with Jeff & Kerri!

Apparently no one ever told the boys that plastic produce bags don't make good accessories. Trying to toss the pizza dough in the air. The finished product! The post-its were Jeff's idea...dropping the camera in the pizza was Kerri's idea! Kendra is spelled with a "Ch" in southern MN. Paul is a rapper in southern MN. Only YOU can prevent oven fires.
Behind the scenes...Kerri's pizza heads off to the oven.
Jeff's is ready too!
Adding their fixins.
Mine is the one on the right that looks like a salad.

Not only was this super fun and delicous BUT we were sent home with parting gifts....2 more homemade pizzas to toss in the freezer for another time. "Another time" happened the following evening when we had friends over....more on that in my next post "Pierogi Party!".


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