Saturday, April 30, 2011

CAUTION: It's finals time in our house....

That's right. I've got 2 weeks of this semester left which means that I've spent more days tired and crabby than fresh-faced and "enjoyable"...poor Paul!

This morning, I'm at a local coffee shop enjoying obscenely large, fancy (read: fattening) coffee drinks and not enjoying writing a 5 page final paper on Business Ethics.

Actually I shouldn't's a great class with an awesome's just that I'd much rather be sleeping in (what Paul got to do today...lucky!) than thinking this hard on a Saturday morning!

Coffee Break #1: Sugar-free caramel latte with soy milk (I get the sugar-free syrup to fool myself into thinking this is a "healthy alternative".)

The ONLY good news is that I LOVE spending a weekend morning in a coffee shop, drinking fun lattes and coffee concoctions. So, this is how I "trick" myself into doing homework! " can go get a bunch of fun coffees tomorrow....but, you also have to do homework!" I'm such a SUCKER! IS raining really, I'm not missing out on a really fun, gorgeous I'll just keep slugging back cups o' joe and thinking. (which, by the way, is indeed overated...)

Coffee Break #2: Miel (espresso, steamed soy milk, honey & cinnamon) - Delish!

Hope you get to enjoy this rainy day in your pj's, watching cooking shows with a big cup of coffee.
-Just K

PS: You're probably wondering just how hard I'm working on this final paper...since well, I'm blogging! BUT, this was my quick 5 minute break...lay off! haha!

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