Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some girls just have all the moves...

Like this one...

Our niece, Madison, after her dance recital on Friday night.

(I love the way she's standing...diva!)

Madison and her Aunts and Grandma Westall!

Madison & Kerri!

Madison & Uncle Jeffrey
(with so much chaos after the show...I couldn't get Kerri, Jeff & Madison togther all at once for a photo...hence the separate ones!)

Madi & Uncle Chris & Auntie Lynn

Madison & Mom!

and...with Uncle Paul & Auntie.

(do you think she was sick of photos by this point?...yes!)

SO...I took another!

Notice the LONG curls, makeup and post-performance bouquet of flowers (not to mention those missing teeth!) I remember the days of dance recitals - My sisters and I always wanted to be the girls who got flowers afterward. So, Madison - you better savor those!

Madison did a great job at her recital - it was so fun to watch!


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