Monday, May 2, 2011

We've been (car)toon'd...

Remember at our wedding, how we had those custom coloring sheets for the kids that had illustrated pics of Paul & I on them?

Does this pic jog your memory? Well, I was e-mailing with my superbly-talented friend, Sandy, who illustrated those sheets and (being the dork that I am) asked if she'd send me Paul & my illustrations as, she did!

Paul, looking happy and...a bit older!

Me, looking a bit blonder and sorta like Lindsay Lohan (minus the trainwreck)!

I thanked Sandy and then reminded her that I now have brown, short hair and requested an updated pic...which she agreed to make. Man, I love her! Sandy lovingly refers to me as her 2nd favorite brat (her 1st being her daughter, Hannah!)

Anyway...thought you might like to see us toon'd! I guess you could say I'd look for any excuse to avoid writing my next final paper (due Wednesday)!! Alright, back to work for me!

Happy 2nd day of May!


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