Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, Paul & I hosted Mother's Day at our house for the Rasmusson side of our family!

Yesterday, while in New Prague, we picked up some beef and pork burgers, along with some fun flavored brats and seasoning for today's grill-out.

Above: baked beans and Italian-seasoned potatoes.

The weather didn't turn out so nice, so Paul grilled the meat under the shelter of the garage and I cooked the sides indoors, safe from the rain.

Above: garlic yellow squash, onions and button mushrooms

Above: pita chips, hummus, potato chips, carrot sticks and ranch dip

I had hoped we could eat outside on the deck, but again the rain dampered our, I added a couple leaves to the table and we ate inside. Do the tablecloth and napkins look familiar? Well, they should!

They are the hankerchiefs we used as table decorations at our wedding! Paul's mom sewed some together to make a tablecloth and we kept some separate to serve as matching napkins!

Cute, huh?

Joey's place setting!

Joey & Ty enjoyed dinner and the playtime that followed!

2 Mothers and the children that earned them the title!

Happy Mother's Day!


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  1. 1. YUM!
    2. Your dishes are so cute!
    3. How cool of your mother-in-law to make a tablecloth out of your wedding decorations!