Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 15

What's your addiction?

I can't say...

Just kidding. I'm innocent. My main addiction is probably coffee. We grind the beans nightly for a fresh pot of coffee daily! I drink 1 cup prior to the 4am workout, 1 after it and then I pour myself a 2-cup travel mug for the road. I don't drink the coffee at work (because it tastes weird) so instead I fill my mug with tea when I get to work....and then sometimes fill it again.

(Yes, that's A LOT of liquid. And yes, I visit the restroom often in the mornings. I know you were wondering.)

Every Friday, I swing through Caribou Coffee (my favorite) and get a Tea Latte. I used to get a Northern Light Latte but switch over to the Tea Lattes because they are amazing.

I'm not opposed to coffee with dessert or coffee during class or coffee at any other random time during the day. I love coffee.

My mother also loves coffee. "I learned it by watching you, Mom."



  1. What kind of tea do you drink? And coffee too for that matter? I am of the personal belief that coffee always tastes better out of a travel mug and will drink mine out of such even when at home. Yummm... coffeee!!!! Good addiction.

  2. I like Traditional Medicinal and Yogi Teas...again, mostly because I dream of being a hippy (minus the drugs)! We buy "expensive" coffee because we LOVE coffee and it's our trade-off for not stopping to buy Caribou everyday. SO...between Paul & I we drink a half pound of Caribou/Starbucks whole bean coffee a week. It costs us roughtly $7.00-$9.00 and we think that's fair!