Monday, August 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 6

Today was hilarious because...

Since I'm already playing by my own rules, I decided I'd change this to:

Yesterday was hilarious because...

We had our niece & nephew (Ben & Claire) Friday at around noon until yesterday late afternoon. We love spending time with any of our 9 nieces and nephews (yes, 9!) but it's really fun when we get them to ourselves (we're not great sharers).

As you know, kids make most things hilarious (and sticky) but if I had to choose 1 hilarious moment from yesterday it would be coming to you courtesy of 3 year old Benny.

Scene: Driving in my sister's mini van, childrens' music blaring - "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt...".

Ben: "Auntie. I work in Minneapolis."

Me: "Oh yeah? Where's that?"

Ben: "It's one of the Twin Cities."

Me: "Oh cool. Uncle Paul works there too. You should meet him for lunch."

Ben: "Ok. I work with him."

Me: "Who? Uncle Paul?"

Ben: "No. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt."*

Seriously. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Love 'em!


*I did google his name and it is, indeed, 4 separate names...who knew? Probably Ben.

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