Sunday, August 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 16

Weeeelllll, we just got back from a week-long trip to Ibiza.

Just kidding...I just took the week off, but I'm back at it today!

Cash, Credit or Debit? What's your financial status?

Well, this is a little personal, don't you think? But, you know me!

Overall, we're cash and debit type folk. We use our credit cards only for large purchases (flights, hotels, concert tickets, etc.) where we can rack up some major miles or dollars. We only use credit cards that allow us to earn miles or dollars for our purchases and then we proceed to pay off our monthly balance EVERY month. We kinda feel like we're tricking the bank each up, suckers!

We aren't huge shoppers or overly-materialistic people. We don't much care what brand of clothes we buy and we're not afraid to wear second-hand items. We choose to spend our fun money on experiences...dining, movies, shows, concerts, trips rather than things like designer shoes or fancy cars.

We live a "work hard, play hard" lifestyle and feel we fully deserve to enjoy this life of ours! Thankfully, we aren't too short-sighted. We talk about retirement a lot and how we want to retire early and travel (more!) so we try to remember the future now as we continue to save each month. We need to find ourselves a financial advisor, as we fully know we don't know everything when it comes to planning, investing, saving for the future so we're on the look-out for one now.

Overall, I'd say that we take turns playing the role of "voice of reason" when it comes to spending. I would say, however, that Mr. Rasmusson is the President of the Finance Committee...which is a role I'm happy to have him fill.

Happy (smart) spending,


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